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I've emailed you and haven't heard back, what's up?
All emails are answered by one person, and I also like to travel around in my RV, so if I'm traveling you may not hear from me for a few weeks.
I posted a review, but I don't see it online, why not?
Reviews aren't instantly posted, we try to read, spell check, grammar correct your reviews, as well as remove people's names from them, if your reviews have too many problems, we may not approve it due to the time it takes to make these corrections. To ensure your review gets online, please read the rules, and post reviews that don't require corrections. You also need to post at least 3 reviews before your reviews enter the approval stage. Sometimes it may be 3 or 4 days between your posting a review and it making it through the approval process, but normally reviews are approved overnight. If we are behind, you can tell by looking that the review dates on the most recent reviews on our home page. If the majority of them are a few days in the past, then we are behind, sometimes a new review squeezes ahead of the others, so you might see one or two from the current date.
How do I get my park listed on your website, or how did my park get listed on your site?
Your park will be listed as soon as a camper posts a review of it. If you are a campground owner, we recommend going to our downloads area and printing out review sheets to give to your campers. This will hopefully encourage them to post reviews.
I forgot my username, what do I do?
Go here and complete the forgot username form.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
Go here and complete the lost password form.
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