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Nearby San Francisco, California (Air Miles)
-Cities With RV Parks-
10.98 miles E
12.64 miles SW
14.31 miles NW
15.88 miles SE
19.38 miles S
22.21 miles NW
22.88 miles SE
23.82 miles NW
24.69 miles NE
26.63 miles NW
27.01 miles NE
-Other Nearby Points-
Louise M Davies Symphon
0.06 miles NW
War Memorial Opera Hous
0.13 miles NW
San Francisco War Memoria
0.16 miles NW
Mario'S Cafe
0.17 miles NW
Hayes Street Grill
0.18 miles W
0.18 miles NW
0.28 miles NW
Zuni Cafe
0.28 miles SW
Indigo - San Francisco
0.31 miles NW
Asia SF
0.33 miles SE
0.38 miles SW
Woodward'S Garden
0.51 miles SW
Julie'S Supper Club
0.55 miles E
0.56 miles SE
Dottie'S True Blue Caf
0.69 miles NE
Marrakech Moroccan
0.71 miles NE
Alamo Square Seafood Gri
0.71 miles W
Brasserie Savoy
0.74 miles NE
M Point Sushi Bar And
0.74 miles NE
Osaka Grill
0.74 miles N
0.77 miles NE
Grand Cafe - San Francis
0.77 miles NE
0.77 miles NE
First Crush
0.78 miles NE
San Francisco Shopping C
0.78 miles NE
Puccini And Pinetti
0.79 miles NE
David'S - San Francisco
0.80 miles NE
0.81 miles NE
Dot Restaurant
0.82 miles NW
0.83 miles NE
Titanic Cafe
0.83 miles NE
Biscuits And Blues
0.84 miles NE
Fleur De Lys
0.84 miles NE
Concourse Exhibition Cent
0.86 miles SE
0.86 miles NE
Kuleto'S Italian Restau
0.87 miles NE
New Joe'S Restaurant On
0.87 miles NE
Le Charm
0.87 miles NE
Lehr'S Greenhouse
0.87 miles NE
0.88 miles NE
0.88 miles NW
0.88 miles SW
0.88 miles NW
Fifth Floor
0.90 miles NE
Annabelle'S Bar And Bis
0.91 miles NE
The Compass Rose
0.92 miles NE
0.92 miles NE
Swan Oyster Depot
0.95 miles N
Slanted Door
0.95 miles SW
0.96 miles NE
Sears Fine Foods
0.97 miles NE
Scala'S Bistro
0.97 miles NE
0.98 miles NE
Mission Dolores Basilica
0.98 miles SW
Cafe Kati
1.00 miles NW
1.01 miles N
Thai House - Market Stre
1.02 miles SW
Campton Place Dining Roo
1.04 miles NE
Rue Lepic
1.05 miles NE
Moscone Convention Center
1.05 miles NE
Gordon'S House Of Fine
1.06 miles SE
Trio Cafe - San Francisco
1.06 miles NW
Big 4
1.06 miles NE
1.07 miles NE
1.08 miles NE
Thai House - Noe Street
1.09 miles SW
Chinatown - San Francisco
1.09 miles NE
San Francisco Museum Of M
1.11 miles NE
Charles Nob Hill
1.12 miles NE
Eastern & Orient Trading
1.12 miles NE
1.13 miles NE
1.13 miles SW
House Of Prime Rib
1.14 miles NW
Fournou'S Ovens
1.14 miles NE
Cafe De La Presse
1.16 miles NE
The Dining Room - San Fra
1.17 miles NE
1.18 miles E
1.19 miles E
Perry'S Downtown
1.20 miles NE
Kyo Ya
1.21 miles NE
Hawthorne Lane
1.21 miles NE
Academy Of Art College
1.21 miles NE
Universal Cafe
1.23 miles SE
Rocco'S Seafood Grill
1.24 miles NW
Sam'S Grill & Seafood
1.26 miles NE
Cafe Bastille
1.26 miles NE
Louise Salinger Academy O
1.26 miles NE
Harris' - San Francisco
1.26 miles NW
1.27 miles NE
California College Of Art
1.27 miles SE
Cafe Tiramisu
1.27 miles NE
Eddie Rickenbacker'S
1.27 miles NE
Basic Brown Bear
1.28 miles SE
Fly Trap
1.31 miles NE
Johnny Love'S
1.32 miles N
Maya - San Francisco
1.33 miles NE
New Golden Turtle
1.33 miles NW
Carnelian Room - San Fran
1.34 miles NE
Juan Bautista De Anza N
1.37 miles NE
Pot Sticker
1.38 miles NE
Golden Gate University
1.38 miles NE
Empress Of China
1.38 miles NE
Ristorante Ecco
1.38 miles NE
Palio D'Asti
1.42 miles NE
Yabbie'S Coastal Kitche
1.42 miles N
Jack'S Restaurant
1.43 miles NE
Foreign Cinema
1.43 miles S
1.45 miles NE
La Folie
1.46 miles N
I Fratelli
1.46 miles N
La Follie
1.46 miles N
1.46 miles NE
Frascati - San Francisco
1.47 miles N
Tommy Toy'S
1.51 miles NE
Antica Trattoria
1.52 miles N
Flying Saucer
1.54 miles S
1.54 miles N
Tadich Grill
1.54 miles NE
Aqua - San Francisco
1.54 miles NE
1.54 miles S
Paragon - San Francisco
1.55 miles E
Scott'S Seafood Grill A
1.55 miles NE
Elisabeth Daniel
1.55 miles NE
Lincoln University - San
1.56 miles W
Park Grill - San Francis
1.56 miles NE
1.57 miles S
House - San Francisco,
1.57 miles NE
Cypress Club
1.57 miles NE
1.58 miles NE
Capp'S Corner
1.60 miles NE
Just Desserts
1.60 miles NE
1.60 miles NW
Basta Pasta - San Franci
1.60 miles NE
Enrico'S Sidewalk Cafe
1.61 miles NE
Prego - San Francisco
1.61 miles NW
1.62 miles NE
Betelnut Pejiu Wu
1.62 miles NW
Ristorante Ideale
1.63 miles NE
1.63 miles NE
1.64 miles NW
Rose Pistola
1.64 miles NE
Mo'S Gourmet Hamburgers
1.64 miles NE
La Bodega - San Francis
1.64 miles NE
Helmand - San Francisco
1.65 miles NE
Bonta Ristorante
1.68 miles NW
Fior D'Italia
1.69 miles NE
Rose'S Cafe
1.71 miles NW
Yank Sing
1.71 miles NE
1.72 miles NE
Pane E Vino
1.72 miles NW
1.73 miles NE
Macarthur Park
1.73 miles NE
1.73 miles NE
42 Degrees
1.74 miles SE
Hunan - San Francisco
1.74 miles NE
Plumpjack Cafe
1.75 miles NW
One Market
1.76 miles NE
Balboa Cafe
1.78 miles NW
1.80 miles NE
Waterfront - San Francisco
1.81 miles NE
Embarcadero Center
1.81 miles NE
University Of San Francis
1.82 miles W
San Francisco Art Institu
1.82 miles N
Alegria'S Foods From Spa
1.82 miles NW
1.87 miles N
Pastis - San Francisco
1.88 miles NE
1.89 miles SW
Albona Ristorante Italian
1.91 miles N
Ace Wasabi'S Rock And
1.91 miles NW
Bistro Aix
1.91 miles NW
Cha Cha Cha - San Franci
1.91 miles SW
New College Of California
1.94 miles SW
Ghirardelli Square
1.98 miles N
Mccormick And Kuleto'S
1.98 miles N
Mandarin - San Francisco
1.98 miles N
Gaylord India
1.98 miles N
Chez Michelle
1.99 miles N
Gary Danko
1.99 miles N
1.99 miles SW
Julius Castle
2.00 miles NE
Cafe Pescatore
2.02 miles N
Cafe Marimba
2.03 miles NW
Fog City Diner
2.03 miles NE
National Maritime Museum
2.04 miles N
2.09 miles SW
Baker Street Bistro
2.09 miles NW
San Francisco Maritime N
2.10 miles N
Lolli'S Castagnola
2.15 miles N
Bobby Rubino'S
2.15 miles N
Ripley'S Believe It Or
2.17 miles N
A Sabella'S
2.17 miles N
Uss Pampanito
2.17 miles N
San Francisco Wax Museum
2.18 miles N
Scoma'S - San Francisco
2.18 miles N
Swiss Louis
2.30 miles NE
Chic'S Seafood
2.30 miles NE
Pier 39 Shopping Center
2.32 miles NE
Palace Of Fine Arts Thea
2.34 miles NW
Katia'S Russian Tea Roo
2.42 miles W
Cafe Riggio
2.46 miles NW
2.46 miles NW
Fountain Court
2.46 miles NW
Le Cyrano Restaurant
2.48 miles NW
Dante'S Seafood Grill
2.52 miles NE
California Academy Of Sci
2.69 miles SW
Steinhart Aquarium
2.70 miles SW
Avenue 9
2.75 miles SW
Asian Art Museum Of San
2.78 miles SW
Golden Gate National Rec
2.89 miles NW
Kaboto Sushi
3.06 miles W
Presidio Of San Francisco
3.09 miles NW
Parc Hong Kong
3.17 miles W
Khan Toke Thai House
3.53 miles W
San Francisco Conservatory
3.59 miles SW
El Toreador
3.65 miles SW
3.65 miles NW
Bocca Rotis
3.70 miles SW
Golden Gate Bridge
4.16 miles NW
Lincoln Park Golf Course
4.16 miles NW
Naval Station - Treasure
4.17 miles NE
3Com Park
4.68 miles SE
Cow Palace
4.77 miles S
San Francisco State Univ
5.02 miles SW
Cliff House - San Franci
5.21 miles W
San Francisco Zoological
5.42 miles SW
Us Navy Fleet And Indust
5.73 miles NE
Naval Air Station - Alam
6.05 miles E
Horizons - Sausalito
6.22 miles NW
6.22 miles NW
Scoma'S - Sausalito
6.25 miles NW
6.35 miles NW
6.49 miles NW
Sushi Ran
6.72 miles NW
6.96 miles NW
Jack'S Bistro
7.81 miles E
Scott'S Seafood - Oaklan
7.82 miles E
Il Pescatore
7.86 miles E
El Torito - Oakland
7.87 miles E
7.90 miles NE
Gb Ratto'S And Compan
8.01 miles NE
Jade Villa
8.06 miles NE
Skates On The Bay
8.10 miles NE
8.34 miles NE
Quinn'S Lighthouse
8.46 miles E
Armstrong University
8.46 miles NE
Oakland Museum Of Califor
8.53 miles E
Rich'S Tub 101
8.86 miles NW
Samuel Merritt College
8.99 miles NE
Children'S Fairyland U
9.00 miles NE
Spenger'S Fish Grotto
9.04 miles NE
Buckeye Roadhouse
9.05 miles NW
O Chame
9.07 miles NE
Ginger Island
9.07 miles NE
9.08 miles NW
Betty'S Ocean View Din
9.09 miles NE
Cafe Rouge
9.10 miles NE
Lake Merritt Wildlife R
9.21 miles NE
Morrison Planetarium
9.27 miles E
Costco 6508722021
9.38 miles S
Golden Gate Fields Race
9.43 miles NE
Bay Wolf
9.51 miles NE
Mama'S Royal Cafe
9.51 miles NE
Santa Fe Bar And Grill
9.67 miles NE
Robata Grill And Sushi
9.72 miles NW
Chef Paul'S
9.75 miles NE
Costco 5108982011
9.77 miles NE
Lalime'S Cafe
10.10 miles NE
Zachary'S Chicago Pizza
10.27 miles NE
Mangia Mangia
10.27 miles NE
Mazzini Tarttoria
10.37 miles NE
Alameda Golf Course
10.40 miles SE
Telegraph Avenue
10.49 miles NE
Chez Panisse Restaurant A
10.81 miles NE
Judah L Magnes Museum
10.88 miles NE
Patten College
10.91 miles E
Dominican School Of Philos
10.92 miles NE
11.02 miles NE
San Francisco Internationa
11.24 miles S
Muir Woods National Mon
11.28 miles NW
Netwrk Associates Coliseu
11.41 miles E
California Cafe - Corte
11.72 miles NW
Il Fornaio - Corte Made
11.76 miles NW
Lawrence Hall Of Science
11.88 miles NE
Savanna Grill
12.08 miles NW
Oakland International Air
12.14 miles SE
Hong Kong Flowers Lounge
12.47 miles S
Lark Creek Inn
12.50 miles NW
Mountain Home Inn
12.52 miles NW
Giovanni'S - San Rafael
13.38 miles NW
13.44 miles SE
Kuleto'S - Burlingame
13.45 miles SE
Rocky Point Springs 90
13.47 miles NW
Yakiniku House Juban
13.51 miles SE
Dominican College Of San
13.81 miles NW
The Castaway Resturant
14.23 miles SE
Poper Creek
14.26 miles SE
Lark Creek - San Mateo
15.60 miles SE
15.61 miles SE
San Francisco
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Candlestick RV Park
Latest Review Submited On
2014-07-06 03:02:13
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San Francisco, California
Camp Information
Date of Stay
June 2014
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Wireless Internet
Cable TV
Pull-Thru Sites
Big Rig Access
Waterfront Access
Shade Trees
Pool Access
Pets Allowed
Tents Allowed
Family Friendly
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[ 6 / 10 ]
June 2014
Cost was too much for too little. Another concrete parking lot, with hook ups, and no space between sites. Picked this park for location to the city (about 7 miles from city center). It has a shuttle bus that takes you into the city for $12 per person. In its defense, we spent most of our time in the city so just needed a place to sleep and shower. So amenities were not that important. We camped here in a Motorhome.
Review Rating
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[ 9 / 10 ]
March 2013
We were very happy with Candlestick RV Park. It is a great place to stay while visiting SF. A bit spendy, but this is San Francisco, so worth the bucks. Shuttle is very handy. Spaces are a little tight, but had no trouble with our 39 foot 5r, with 4 slides. Hook ups were all handy and clean. Management and staff very friendly and helpful. Mini Mart in the office area carried a lot of items and RV Supplies. Park has 24 hour security guards. Will definitely stay here again in the future. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.
Review Rating
Rating Image
[ 7 / 10 ]
January 2013
I'm not sure why people have given bad reviews to this campground. If your going to visit San Francisco in a RV, this is the place to stay. Clean, friendly helpful staff. The shuttle service is excellent. They were willing to take us or pick us up when we wanted, and at 12 dollars round trip the price is good. No room to hang outside by your coach but the city is the attraction, not camping. So if your looking for full hook ups and easy access to the city, this is THE CAMPGROUND to stay at. We will stay here again when visiting the city. We camped here in a Motorhome.
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