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rating [ 6/10 ]
This park is nice to stay in if you are planning on fishing the whole time; however, if you want to bike ride and hike on trails with your children, this may not be the park for you. The only playground is not near the camping spaces but near the boat launch which is off the main entry road. There is a swimming pool but it is not just for campers. The "locals" come and swim here. They were pretty rowdy and not under control even though there are life guards on duty (pool hours are 10-6). The life guards and park staff acknowledge that there is a problem but will not do anything to resolve it. The lake is super low so we were unable to fish from the few available fishing piers. There is no beach area and very few hiking and biking trails. The bath houses were very nice and very clean. Again, if you want to do nothing but fish in your boat-this is the place for you; if you are more of a biking/hiking person-then go to South Toledo Bend State Park for the trails.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a nice campground that is easily accessible from I-10 in the Atchafalaya Basin. The staff is very friendly and you are close to Baton Rouge and Lafayette. There were plenty of shade trees and the camping spaces weren't too close together. We went in the summer and enjoyed the swimming pool every day that we stayed. The bathroom/bathhouse/laundry facility was clean and right next to the pool. There was did have some playground equipment; however, it didn't look to be kept up and there were a large amount of ant piles around that area. There were a lot of golf carts that were cruising the campground and at times they were loud, especially when they were making their beer runs to the little store just down the road. I would recommend this campground, especially if you take in some of the local attractions (like air boat rides,etc.) even the Visitor's Center at this exit is very nice, clean and informative with some interactive things for kids. It was also a great place to take some really great pictures! Overall, we would go here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This State Park is really great! The park was clean, the camp sites were very nice and paved, some even had decks attached to the site because of the slope of the site. They had Wi-Fi but cell coverage was a little spotty in areas. The hiking / biking paths were awesome--they were paved!! There were several docks and bridges in the park that you could fish off of and my kids really liked that. There was a "beach" with parking. The only thing this place was missing was a swimming pool. Although, you could drive down the road and pay to swim at Bass Haven's pool (although, Bass Haven has not been taken care of and is falling into disrepair). The visitor center is amazing and we got some beautiful sunset pictures of the lake from there. We would definitely go here again! Its a super great place!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a parish park, with lots of shade trees, playgrounds for the kids and paved sites on the lake. There is a nice boat launch with plentiful parking. They also have a "beach" area with parking. Some of the bath houses were in better shape than others (mosquito control was a big issue). There were no sewer hookups, no Wi-Fi and cell coverage is spotty at best. We stayed from a Sunday thru a Saturday. I would recommend a weekday stay. Once the early holiday weekend started, the golf carts started cruising with their stereos wide open. There were also many campers with their sound systems turned up. This usually ended by 10 pm each night. Since this is a parish park there is no one on site after 5 p.m. so there was no way to regulate the noise unless you called the Sheriff's Office. We rode our bikes a lot but had to be very cautious once all the golf carts came in because they were not watching out or slowing down for pedestrians and cyclists. We would stay here again but would do so on a weekday in order to cut down on all the noise.
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