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rating [ 8/10 ]
The campground is clean and well kept. It is easy to find and has convenient road access. It is in close proximity to the DollyWood theme park and is easily accessible to drive back and forth from the park. We stayed in campsite 65. It had a tree, fire ring, picnic table, concrete pad, electrical, water, and sewer hookup. The concrete pad did not line up with the entrance to our door once we located our camper. There was plenty of space between us and the neighbor. The angle of the sites provided additional spatial separation. The campground was approximately 40 percent filled. We appreciated this campground for the friendly staff. They were relaxed and easy to deal with. We also appreciated that there were no permanent residents. The campground did not feel like I was visiting a mobile home community. I actually felt like I was visiting a campground. The restrooms were clean and we saw evidence of a daily cleaning schedule. They were cleaned each morning and the paper products were always stocked. There was no soap in the bathroom to wash your hands. We did not use the pool or playground. It was too cold and the pool was closed. Overall, this campground was clean, well kept, and managed well. It did not provide the lap of luxury, but provided us with exactly what we were looking for in our visit as a launching place for day trips to DollyWood. We will be using this campground for our next trip to Pigeon Forge in a couple of months.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Camp sites: We stayed in site W1. We arrived after hours and were told to use site W1B. We were unable to do so because W1B had dirt stockpiled in the site and was within feet of the large maintenance shed. We had to relocate ourselves and W1 was close and nicer. W1 is a fairly level, but small site. I parked my tent trailer within two feet of the shore connection and the awning on the door side reached clear to the neighboring site shore connection. A larger unit in this site would not fit. I would estimate the campground is three quarters filled with permanent units, but these have seasonal residents. The campground seems to cater to these residents. The sites available to those of us that are not permanent are clustered amidst the permanent units. Staff: The staff did not go out of their way to be helpful. The couple checking in before us did not have a reservation and they were given a phone number for another employee who was on vacation and told to call them to figure out which site they could use. When I wanted to top my propane tank with fuel, I was told that I would be charged for a full tank fill up even though I had about a half a tank remaining. I went elsewhere to fill it up after leaving the campground. Bath House: The bathrooms did not appear to be cleaned daily even though the sign said they are cleaned daily. The toilet paper ran out and was not refilled the last three days we stayed. The men restroom was locked and was not open for our entire stay. I used the family restroom. Amenities: The park playground was interesting, but nestled between the two busiest campground streets with no real barriers to keep kids in or cars out. The laundry was locked and I had to ask for a the staff to open it. They do have a boat ramp, but I did not look at this. They do have a pool, but this was closed for the season. The park is gated and key cards with a $15 refundable deposit are provided for access. Internet Wi-Fi is available within 50 feet of the office. General Comments: Dogs are welcome and lots of people walk them frequently, it was very much a dog parade up and down the park streets. Cats are welcome as well and they run freely throughout the park. Some sites have views of the waterfront, but not all do. The land is graded so that in a rainstorm, standing water up to six inches or more puddles in many of the sites. We do not plan to return to this campground and actually cut our trip two nights short because of our dissatisfaction with the campground. A refund was not available. The reason given was listed on a sign at the desk and reiterated by the staff. It said that camping is an outdoor experience and refunds are not available because of effects of nature.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We visited the park for a short one night stay. We made our reservations online and upon arrival we discovered that an additional five dollar vehicle parking fee had to be paid. This was not a surprise we appreciated. Our in advance reservations reserved a site, but the sites are given out on a first come first choose basis. In other words we were guaranteed a site, but we were given a map at registration and told to drive through the campground until we found an empty site marked with a "white" reflector. We could then take any of the sites so marked. The bathrooms were fairly clean, but well worn. They were close to our campsite and seemed to be fairly well located to the loop where we were staying. We did not visit the park amenities as we were passing through. Helen GA, is located a short drive from the park. It was already decorated for Christmas and looked like a great place to spend the day.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Camp sites: We stayed in site 81. It was a nice level and large site. It provided a lot of privacy for my family since the living side of my camper was able to face the forest. Many of the other sites also provide privacy. Not all of the sites appear to be very level. Some may prove to be fairly difficult to position yourself so as to easily level your camper. There are some ADA sites, but these in my opinion would be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. The campground is nicely shaded and very clean. Large pines almost maintain a forest canopy and shade is easy to find. It is also well separated from the rest of the state park activities both visually and by sound. The ranger told us they almost never fill up and only are really busy during about three weekends per year. Mainly around the graduation of Fort Jackson students. Staff: The ranger was very nice and amiable. We only saw him when he stopped by at night to check us in. We saw other workers a couple of times during our stay as they cleaned the bath house and collected trash. Bath House: The showers and restrooms are well used, showing wear and tear, but are kept very clean. They are typical state park showers with tile walls metal dividers. They appear as if they could be hosed down without worry of damaging anything. Even so, they are clean and the paper supplies were kept stocked. Amenities: The park had signs saying games could be checked out including balls, books and other activities from the office. The park has lots of trails for hiking and biking. A lake provides opportunities for canoe and paddle boat rentals. Signs said no swimming or wading. I don't know that I would have wanted to because of the Canadian geese droppings which dotted the lake edge. Fun shaded playgrounds can be found and lots of shelters and picnic tables. This weekend was not a holiday, but even so the playgrounds, lake and main park amenity area was packed with people. Kids, families and people of all ages and cultures were enjoying the park. There were other amenities that we saw, but did not look into further. All in all, we plan to return and use this campground again. Reserve America has a two night minimum, but the ranger said calling the park directly would allow a person to reserve it for one night if this was wanted.
rating [ 9/10 ]
The park staff were friendly and helpful. The campground was tidy and well maintained with lot of well used amenities. The pool is enormous and obviously attracts lots of people since it has a large slide and swing dropping into the deep end. Definitely a kid friendly campground. The park seems to foster a lot of interaction between campers. The site we stayed in was B37 and was located in a the field area. Access for our tent trailer was easy and there were much larger RVers around us so I know that motorhomes and fifth wheelers were able to enter and exit. The field area did not have a tree anywhere for shade. We would have preferred a little shade but the temperatures were not unusually warm so it was still a pleasant stay. Other amenities to note. Fishing pond/lake, bike and walking trails, multiple playgrounds, tent sides on pond waterfront, arcade, church services and more.
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