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rating [ 6/10 ]
Have been here since the first of December 2011. Park host is quite nice. No amenities for children. Sites are adequate. Internet was down for a couple of weeks and when they got it back up they did not put the repeater back out in the original location when I came in. Have said they are going to put it back out in the park to improve the signal. Pet cleanup is hit and miss. More to do with poor pet owners than the staff. Laundry is clean with three washers/driers that were all operational. Rate is based on a monthly rate of $370 a month (30 amp) which includes electric and Wi-Fi. Good wintering park but might not come back if they don't resolve the Wi-Fi issue and the pet cleanup issue in the near future.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Pros: Level sites; gravel pull through sites; concrete patio; good water pressure; good electrical service; friendly staff; clean campgrounds; rate was Passport America. Cons: Wi-Fi had issues with the connectivity at times; spaces were close together.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is an older campground so I am not quite sure if I am reviewing the same one as the previous poster albeit the website address is for the same place. The Pros: Level sites; gravel drives; friendly staff; Passport America rate; great BBQ cafe close by; WalMart about 5-8 miles away. The Cons: The mens bathroom was disgustingly filthy. If I hadn't had my own facilities, I would have left the first night. The grass was in need of mowing when I arrived but they attempted to mow it before I left. The sites that were supposed to be pull through sites had trees at the end of the site and the owner's vehicles were parked close to the exit so if you tried to pull on through, you would have been into the trees trying to make the swing out of the site. There was a permanent mobile home close to the pull through sites that had several young adults as well as small children that were quite noisy. I wouldn't dream of putting my clothes in the equipment that they had in the laundry room. Sites were narrow and if you had someone with slides beside you I don't think you could extend your awning. There was a sign posted in the laundry room that said that you were not allowed to dump your holding tanks because their system could only handle daily usage. It said that there was a free dump at the national park. I am not sure if they were referring to the black tanks or not since the sign only stated "Holding Tanks". We all know what happens though if you leave the black tank valve open to permit it to drain continually. I will not be returning.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Stayed a week and it is a very laid back campground. Not a campground for those looking for a lot of on site activites. They do not even have a pool. A real good place to just hang your hat and relax. Also a good base camp to explore the Outer Banks. A previous review stated that the showers were small but the men's were regular fiberglass stalls like I see a lot of people have in their homes. The restroom was not elaborate but it was clean all the times that I used it. The sites were level and the internal roads were gravel but smooth. The owners were not in the office once when I went in to check on leaving the next morning but I just left a note and the lady came to my site later and talked to me.
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