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rating [ 1/10 ]
If there was a zero rating I would have given that. It's no longer a KOA; is now Moorhead Fargo Campground. Muddy, narrow sites, no effort to clean up things after too much rain, pool has no water; overflowing trash can by pool. I put two loads of laundry in before I discovered neither of the driers were working, and the young girl running the place gave me change for the washers and didn't mention it. None of the video games inside were working. The water from the tap was brown; luckily we had a filter to put on when we saw it. We would have driven an extra hundred miles if we'd known how bad this place is.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We read the reviews and it sounded good, but I guess our vision of camping is different than others. This is a typical KOA, with lots of spaces packed as tight as they can get them. Although the sites for the bigger rigs seemed more spacious and even had some shrubs between sites, we were put in the area with tenters and some long term sites. Our view of the mountains were marred by the trailer homes between us and the view, and the road leading into the campground ran just behind us. The reviews led us to believe there were "creeks" to enjoy, but they amounted to a couple of man made ditches with running water, which are there for effect, and a creek that is on one of the outer boundaries, not incorporated into the park itself. There is a nice pool, hot tub that was actually hot and had bubbles (often not the case). There are large trees and good shade. Fire pits and tables at sites. his is a nice stopover, with good WiFi (they improved their system this year), limited (14 channels) cable, good ATT cell service, and necessary facilities like laundry and pool. But if you're looking for an outdoor experience, it's not so good; caters more to families with kids who like to swim in the pool than a place to enjoy the outdoors and the nice views. We probably won't be back unless it's an overnight. Not a destination, just a stopover.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was the second time we stopped here - a week this time. Loved it the first time, even better the second. Nice, patient workers, very friendly and helpful. We had issues with our satellite which required a lot of phone use, and since our AT&T cell didn't have service, they very willingly allowed us to use the office phone (above and beyond). We had a site right on the river, nice soothing river sounds, hubby fished off the bank. We never fished the ponds, but a lot did. There is a lending library in the laundry (which was clean but could use a folding table). Two sets of showers, one set at the office and one on the end with the laundry. Good Wi-Fi, challenging angles for satellite TV but we found a spot that worked finally. No local TV. Quiet at night. River sites were pretty tight, but with the open spaces on front and the river on the back, we never felt too enclosed. Store at the office has good selection of ice cream treats, which is a must for us! The owners and employees seldom rested, always raking, cleaning, mowing, and it shows in how well things are kept. We'll definitely be back when we're up this way again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Five years ago we became RV campers and this was one of our first campgrounds. We remembered it fondly and decided to stop again this year. Either the place has gone downhill or we didn't know much then (probably both) but we were very disappointed. There are some great things about the place (the river is great, lots of trees, good WiFi) but the negatives were disappointing. There are lots of rules - no canopies over our table, no portable pens for our dogs - small sites, an unkempt feel. We like rustic, but the weedeater would improve the overall look of things. We had site #5, right on the river, beautiful but very small site. The only outside place we had was directly behind our rig, about 10 feet between the back of the RV and the river bank. Luckily the sound of the river (which was loud enough we had to speak very loudly to each other) drowned out the sound of the traffic on the highway just above the river. I know the owners need to have rules to avoid lawsuits and complaints, but there is a middle ground somewhere I'm sure. Mostly the people are nice, but seemed to be always watching to make sure you're not breaking any rules. We don't need a lot of TV, mostly news and the weather channel, but the cable TV was really bad, in and out, with very few channels. I don't think we'll come back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Really nice people run this place, very accommodating and friendly. We wanted to be sure to have WiFi access,(which isn't available in all spots), so they put us close to the office, where we had marginal luck. The site was unlevel, got close with blocks. They offered additional hose to reach the water, which was in an odd location. Lots of shade from tall trees, nice setting, only one train on the tracks which are immediately across the road. We only stayed one night, but would stop again for an overnight.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We love this place! We stayed here for 8 days this year, only 4 days last year, and will definitely come back. Great sites, some with good lake access and view. This year we had site 52, and I think we were the only site with satellite reception as well as cell phone. The trade off is that we didn't have much shade for a good part of the afternoon. Nice staff, well kept grounds, with some mosquito control I'd give it a 10. As it is, we just did our own spraying and survived.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Surprisingly nice campground, lots of trees and good space between sites. Quiet, even though we were by the pool. Pool could have been cleaner, store was not open while we were there (11-3 are odd hours) but appeared to have a larger than normal inventory.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of the cleanest and best cared for locations we've stayed at in a long time. All the facilities are very well maintained, and the setting is beautiful. Laundry facilities look brand new, bathroom is spotless, grounds are clean and well groomed. WiFi was good, cell phone reception was adequate, some TV from an antenna. We stayed only one night, but would recommend it and would stop again.
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