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rating [ 8/10 ]
Park rates are scheduled to increase to $21/day...$19/day for 30-day stay. No discounts for local residents or handicapped. Compared to other parks, this park may be pricing its self out of "snow birds'" business which has been their major means of revenue over the years. Several sites have been added, along with sewers increasing the number of lots from about 65 to 125 sites. No reasonable explanation has been given for the rate increase given that MORE sites should increase revenues. IF this park wants to encourage snowbirds to stay there, they need to set rates that are not prohibitive for retirees fixed incomes. Been coming to this park for 14 years, through security issues, bad 30 AMP and extra costs for a "dump wagon". We'll be looking for another winter campground at these rates. Our increase is from $474 to $632 w/11% tax.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The office staff was very friendly and helpful. Very attractive campground. Neat, clean. 50AMP "big rig" site had water: but NO sewer hookup! Dump station was placed on a curve, on an incline. Could not completely dump when we came in, as dump area (In the middle of the entrance to a road) on left side of coach was a steel plate placed in the asphalt. Had then to back up to maneuver into the entrance road. Site was level and gravel. Had to dump AGAIN next morning when we left to get tanks completely empty. Felt that the COST of $36 was VERY high for only water and 50AMP hookup. Turns were very tight for a 40" rig. Due to the high cost, we wouldn't return. Based on other sites we've visited throughout the US, $25 would have been more reasonable.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and have stayed in many state parks and this is the ONLY one we've ever encountered where the gates are LOCKED at 6PM or 8PM..depending in the time of year. When we questioned the reasons for this bizzare rule, we told told it was for "security" purposes! This is a huge lake and the camping area is easily accessible by boat. Campers wanting to be outside the park after the curfew hours, either drive to the gate and leave their vehicle unattended, ripe for theives... or arrange to be picked up and WALK in the dark back to their campsite, which for senior citizens is a hazardous 1/2 mile or more hike. We know of many campers who are avoiding this park because of these rules..causing lost revenue for the state. We will not be coming back unless the rules are changed.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Been coming to this park since 1998. The setting is ideal. Large county park in the middle of Melbourne. Over the years electrical problems with the 30 AMP system were common. This has been resolved with 50AMP installed in 2010. Sewage is dumped at the site for an $8 fee. There are no sewer hookups. A series of park managers have come and gone with varying degrees of management expertise. The most recent manager seems to be attempting to resolve issues that occured with frequency in the past, seeming to often stem from public relations and communications problems with office staff. Night rangers are on patrol and responsive to after-hours requests for assistance. Most of the rangers are camper-friendly. Some office staff seems oblivious to the size of certain sites vs the length requirements of longer rigs. Restrooms and laundry facilities are new and basically well-kept. Some sites stand in water during heavy rains. Since this is a public park, although clearly marked "Campers Only", Brevard county residents often wander through the camping area on bicycles and on foot. A dog park is situated in the park. However, a dog owner takes their canine there at their own risk. There are no attendants and no proof of vaccinations or appropriate canine temperment are required. Unaware if any treatment of the soil to prevent or kill whip, round or hookworm infestations is being done. At present there are no emergency instructions as to shelters in case of severe weather/tornado alerts. Fire is often a real possibility under dry conditions. This a multi-use county park and at times noise can reach annoying levels when concert sponsers held in other areas fail to keep the PA systems under control. In all, we are pleased with this park as our winter home and with the new park manager in place..look foreward to old issues being resolved to MOST everyone's satisfaction, in spite of a few folks who just may be impossible to please!
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