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rating [ 5/10 ]
We love this cg because of it's location to beach/boardwalk & Assateague. This is our 3rd year here & this time around we were very disappointed at how many more golf carts there are - absolutely ridiculous!. You can't even enjoy the campfire at night because it's like sitting in front of a major highway with headlights blinding you all the time! Why can't people walk & enjoy nature while camping?! The other issue was the Wi-Fi... we were there for 10 days & it only only worked 1.5 days - and only from the pavilion - not from your site! I inquired about it & the the lady at the office said to me, "I don't understand why you're upset about it because it's free anyway...you should consider going to Panera's - theirs is free too & it seems to work all the time." I know it's free but if it's advertised as an offered amenity, it should work. We're considering going elsewhere next year.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is the 3rd time we camped here & will never go back! This cg is clean & quaint but small and most of the workers are very nice. However, in the past 2 yrs we’ve seen this place literally transform into a “drinking hole”. What a shame that so many adults/parents feel that they have to drink continuously in order to have fun, let alone the example they’re setting for their/other’s kids. I thought camping was supposed to be enjoying nature with kids! Campers drink all day long - they walk, ride bikes, drive golf carts while drinking & management doesn’t seem to care a bit about it at all. At the Sat. night evening party, I watched a kid grab a cup thinking it was soda & just as he was about to drink, the adult with him started to scream at him because the kid should known it was beer & not soda!!! I watched camp workers get quite drunk along with the cg's management. I guess if mgmt. sets the tone… Do they realize the liability & risks taken by fostering this behavior? It’s pretty sad when my pre-teen & friend, commented on the heavy drinking & asked if these people had never been spoken to about “how bad drinking is for you”. Lastly, when we 1st arrive Memorial Day Weekend, I made reservations for a specific site, same weekend next year – mind you, at this time, I had not seen/noticed how bad the drinking problem had become. All was OK with the reservation, the site was available & deposit paid. 2 days later, a worker delivers a note to notify me that they had moved my reservation to another site because the person who was at the site this year, wants it again next year. So it didn’t matter that we’d made the reservation first & that the site was available, it was still taken from us. The owner told me that he does that for his “repeat” customer – those who have been camping there 7-10 yrs! With the attitude he had & his poor customer service, he’s lucky if he gets new campers to be repeat customers. As for us, there are plenty of other cg’s to go to where we feel more comfortable & where our kids are a bit safer. Will definitely not return to this place!
rating [ 4/10 ]
This cg is extremely deceiving based on the map for the sites - the entire cg is approx. the size of a football field. So don't bother to bring your bikes! During our visit, we saw no security at all, nor is the entrance gated. The planned actives during Labor Day Weekend consisted of bingo, hayride & pool volleyball. You can fish from the stream that surrounds the cg. The sites are very small & some are difficult to pull in/out; most are shaded except the 8 sites in front of the store [#25, 26, 27, etc.], which are on an asphalt parking lot. The pool is very small with a depth of 4ft on the ends & 5ft in the center; however, new & very clean. The pool is small. Bathrooms are dated but relatively clean, shower area was decent size with regular household shower faucet. Water pressure [for showers/sites]& hot water were very good. Cable service is limited to 13 stations. Free internet wi-fi worked great. Perfect location if you want to visit Sight & Sound Theater & any other Lancaster attractions. The store is not used to its capability - wasted space with items that campers are not interested in; no snack bar; no cold/hot food. The sole office staff, Dottie, treated us professionally. This cg is bordered on 1 side by a working Amish farm with horses, cows & cornfields.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Stayed at this cg for only 1 night. The so called pull-thru site I had reserved was a total joke! First, the sites are almost on the road, they are small & ours had a tree smacked in the middle making impossible to pull thru. Our tow vehicle & travel trailer would have been completely jack-knifed & sticking out into the road. Look at the site maps to see how these p/t's are designed to understand what I'm talking about. The roads are narrow & a lot of the sites are very small. Nice flat area to bike around though. The park is very shaded. The dump station is located on a horse-shoe road, which is isolated & even if someone's behind you, no one else is being blocked. We would not go back to this park. Killens Pond, north this cg, is much better!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here for free during their Clean-Up weekend. We wanted to try it out & while it was not indicative of the true feel & crowds during the summer, we had a good time. We'll be going back at the end of July & will review it again. Staff is very helpful & friendly. The owners are very pleasant & doing a great job at improving this cg. The cabins are new, spotless & beautiful inside. The sides by the lake are really nice b/c they have big cement pads & stone. This cg is right on the Susquehanna River! So if you have a boat, raft, etc. this is the place to go. Most of the C sites are long pull-thru's but you have to pull up so far up for the water & sewer that you'll be blocking the road while you un-hook - weird! Store didn't have the supplies out yet as they had not open for the season. Pool seems pretty big & fun. Mini golf is small & a bit outdated but doable. Bathrooms are a bit outdated too but very clean & great water pressure.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Friendly & helpful staff. Roads a so narrow that no 2 rigs can go side-by-side, which is a major problem when going either up or down hill. Seasonals are extremely clicky & unfriendly. Gravel roads makes it very dusty. Bathrooms are very outdated but clean. Activities are lame. Pool is small but OK. Sites 411-413 are so close that one can't almost open the slides. My neighbor's sewer was right below our table. Obviously, we had to move it to the front of the tt. This cg is a good 25-30 mins to Hershey Park. Sites #200's are much nicer & spacious; and you don't have to go down/up the steep hill. We very much appreciated the staff putting our owning down when we were @ Hershey & a sudden storm came thru. Would only go to Hershey again if we can stay @ Hershey's own cg - HighMeadow; because of the convenience of having the shuttle to transport back/forth to the park & not have to pay the $10 fee to park.
rating [ 10/10 ]
After calling a few NJ shore cg's for availability for Memorial Day Wknd., one of the cg's I called was booked but recommended this cg & gave me the contact info. Pomona RV Park is a new cg thus, it has never been reviewed on this website. I called them up to get their information & website so I could do my homework & post the contact information. The owner was very pleasant & helpful on the phone. I will definitely give them a try on Memorial Day Wknd! At the time of this posting, I have not stayed here yet but plan on doing so in a few weeks. I'm rating it a 10 because of how friendly, pleasant & helpful the owner was on the phone.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Camped here over Columbus weekend & it was beautiful!! If you want to see fall foliage, this is a great place to go. Staff is helpful & friendly. I had a 2-way hookup for over 3 months without any hope of a full-hookup because the placed was booked solid. A few hrs before we left the house, I called 1 last time but still nothing. 15mins before we left we got a call asking if we wanted a full-hookup that had just been cancelled. I really liked the fact that they called me rather than letting the site go to a "new" reservation. I'd say this is good customer service. This cg is very lush & shaded. Sites are quite spacious but some are a bit tight to back in & roads are narrow. Lakefronts sites are really nice; especially #24-29. All roads are paved, which makes for great bike riding for kids. Security is always present & making their rounds. Bathrooms & indoor pool are clean but way outdated & in desperate need of renovations. You have to pay 25cents for the hot tub whirlpools to work. Who thinks of bringing quarters to a pool?! One aspect I personally don't like is that you have to pay $4/night for kids. The walking trail around the lake is very nice. I'm sure this place is great in the summer too. However, we'll return for Columbus weekend next year. Overall - great place to go!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a great park for the entire family! There is lots to do & yet you can relax. This was our 1st visit & we're counting the days to go back next year. If you're planning to visit this cg, you need to make reservations ASAP as sites are already limited for 2007. Overall cg layout - very easy to drive around & find sites. Bathrooms - are immnaculate for the number of people who use these. 3 shifts of workers keep these clean at all times. The only pain is that you have to press a button to operate the shower for about 3-5 seconds at a time. Good water pressure. Office staff - Very friendly and extremely helpful. Sites - are decent size considering the prime real estate location. Quiet hours - I was amazed at how quite this place is after 11pm. Pony Express Check In - Highly recommend this option. You just drive up to the gate, give your name & off you go to your site. No need to ever get out of the car to check in. WaterPark - Small, simple, extremely clean & well supervised. No need to go anywhere else because it is sufficient to keep young & old entertained. Laundry room - Very clean & extremely reasonably priced; only $1 for regular sized wash.machines & $2 for the oversized ones; $.25 for dryers. However, only one laundry room for the entire cg located next to the waterpark. They could use to open another one more centrally located to the sites. Security - A person monitors and verifies all vehicles entering the park to make sure everyone is authorized/registered campers. Western Theme Park - Well worth the $$ & spend the entire day there as the scheduled will keep you busy from 10am to 4pm; non-stop but not rushed. Miniature Golf - Beautiful & always crowded. Never got a chance to go. Dock - This is the best asset this cg has. The dock is huge & the crabbing is great! We met most of our new friends here & had a great time. CG Store - Well stocked of food, RV stuff & personal stuff. A bit pricey but expected. New feature is the hot foods grill & breakfast all day long. Great cup of coffee. Reservation System - Worse aspect of cg; totally stinks! Hard to explain how ridiculously inadequate, inflexible & outdated it is considering the volume of reservations, cancellations & changes people make. I was told they are getting a new system... Location, location, location!!! - CG located 5-6 miles north of Asseateague Nat'l & State Park/beach; and 5 miles south of the OC boardwalk. Close to supermarkets, theaters, amusement parks & other convenience stores.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The sites are very narrow & short. We stayed here over Columbus Weekend & it rained all 4 days. Fortunately, our site was sand w/ a cement pad which really helped. The staff was very friendly & helpful. Had to use the showers because our water heater broke. I'm not sure if the bathrooms were a bit dirty because of all the rain & moisture - so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. They could use some upgrading though. The breakfast included in the wknd stay was good. Most activities for the wknd had to be cancelled due to the rain. CG is in good location to Cape May & other beaches. Wish they had a shuttle to these places so that one doesn't have to deal with the parking.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was our 1st trip with our travel trailer. The office staff was friendly & helpful. The cg is very lush; paths are easy to walk & bike; & very quite in some areas. Pool is very small but relatively clean. The hay ride is lame. The kids craft activity was totally unsupervised; fortunately, I went with our child & was able to help complete the project. The Saturday nite DJ party was fun & all the kids seem to really enjoy it. The biggest turn off about the cg was the number of seasonal sites, almost 85-90%. These people were clicky & very unfriendly. You feel like you're "invading their territory". Most likely will not return to this place.
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