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rating [ 8/10 ]
My wife and I were pleasantly surprised. When we pulled up to the park, we saw a bunch of old RVs where it looked like people were living in the park. We were relieved to see that they were kept in a different area than the traveling RVers. The sites were a tad cramped, but you get a cozy feeling after a couple of hours. The WiFi was stronger than other places we had visited. There are a lot of kids here, so if you have kids, they will stay entertained for certain. The only bad thing is that its in an industrial area, but it quiets down around 10pm. The other bad thing is that the park isn't very secure. I saw a local driving in to do his laundry because it was apparently cheaper than a local laundrymat. We used our RV shower/restroom because the park was very crowded, thus were the restrooms. We will definitely stay here again if we are in the area, though.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was, by far, the best campground we have ever visited. My wife and I were in the Artesia area visiting family and had a reservation at the Carlsbad KOA for the following weekend. We drove out to sneak a peek at the place and were discouraged. It literally is in the middle of nowhere, but this later turned out to be a blessing. The staff were extremely friendly when we checked in and led us to our site. After we set up, we visited the pool. This was the cleanest RV park pool we've ever seen. We enjoyed it for hours! Later in the evening my wife and I retired to the hot tub for a glass of wine. The folks at the Carlsbad KOA were wise enough to restrict those under the age of 18 from the hot tub area! The bathrooms were amazingly clean. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they had a 24 hour attendant monitoring and cleaning them! The campground is an hour's drive from the caverns, but is WELL WORTH IT! The only reason they didn't get a 10 rating is that there is only one place to dump your trash and that's at the entrance. A more convenient method of disposing of garbage would have made this place a perfect 10. Thank you Carlsbad KOA for making our summer vacation so much fun!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This park is as good as it gets. The only thing I can ding them on is the lack of full hookups. The existing ones are hogged up by people living in the park.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We love this park. Everything is very clean and well maintained. The only complaint we really had is that the restrooms are very dark and dangerous. I was scared for my wife and daughter to shower alone. They seem to turn the lights on during the weekend, but not during the week. Very aggravating.
rating [ 3/10 ]
The park is clean and has probably the cleanest showers/restrooms we've seen in a campground. The pool and hot tub, however, were a different story. Both smelled like stagnant water and obviously hadn't been cleaned in a while. THIS PARK IS NOT KID FRIENDLY. If you have kids, do not stay in this park. It has nothing for the kids to do by themselves. It looks like the vast majority of the park is taken up by seniors and oil field workers. There is a very rude old man who seems to work as the park host. My kids were sword fighting in the pool with flotation noodles and we were the only ones in the pool area. The old man came in and yelled at my wife for this behavior. The kids were doing nothing wrong other than enjoying the pool. He threatened to have us thrown out of the park after I told him not to yell at my wife. When I identified myself as a police officer he backed down, but remained very rude to us. The place is clean, but if you're under the age of 60, don't bother stopping here.
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