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rating [ 10/10 ]
Spent the first week of August here with another family who I do a lot of camping with. I have to say that this is one of my favorite CG's. I already booked the first 16 days next August (09). I have made some dear friends while I was there. The people (staff and campers) were some of the friendliest helpful I have ran into anywhere. The place was spotless. At first I didn't think I would have too good of a time. I thought I would be bored after a few days. They have so much for everyone to do. Old and young alike. It is very very family friendly along with pet friendly. I am counting the days until next August.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We were also there with a group of friends. 8 campers all together ranging from HTT to MH to 41ft 5'er. I can not say enough on how friendly and helpful the staff was. The owners were the best. This is the second time we have camped here. We went last year around the same time. We plan on going back this summer as well as making our group camping a yearly event there. As the campers who posted before me (not sure if they were in our group) stated, the water pressure was pretty bad. We didn't have that problem last year though. And like what was stated prior, there is nothing around. But that is what we love about the place. It is a place to relax and enjoy camping. They do have a great deal of activities for all ages including adults. Again, I can not say how great the staff is.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We went on the last weekend of their regular season. The site we had, #2, was great. A lot of shade which is what we like. The Showers could have been cleaner but were not too bad. The staff was friendly. There is no Cable unless you are seasonal and pay for it yourself. When I questioned the owner about cable...Well lets just say it was a sore subject with him. He did say that by next season, most sites should be hooked up. There are plenty of trails to go hiking on and you are close to just about everything. Cedar Creek is great for canoeing or kayaking. They also have a few, I think 30, winter sites with full hook-ups. The wiFi is not free and we couldn't connect anyway even though we weren't too far from the office. I do plan on going back. It is very close to where we live and it is a nice place for a weekend getaway.
rating [ 2/10 ]
WOW, where do I begin. We booked this on line for a week and left after 3 days. We were the only campers there besides 3 others that were either seasonal or lived there. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing to do there. Most sites are over grown with weeds and grass. We were right next to the office and still could not connect with the WiFi. No pool and their lake is a stagnate mud pond. There is no security at all and the place needs to be sprayed. Yes I know that bugs are part of camping but not when the ants are so bad you wake up with your bed covered with them along with the rest of the trailer. The nearest town is about a 25 minute drive and not much there to do. Walking around Wall Mart was our highlight of the day. We did have a nice day in Savannah which is about an hour away. I will say that the bathrooms and shower were spotless. The owner needs to put a lot of money into it and it would be great. There is a husband and wife who manage the CG but there is only so much they can do. They were very nice and tried to make our short stay pleasant. The owner needs to hire the manager some help. The web-site is a joke. There is no boating or canoeing. The CG has great potential but as it is now it is nothing worth stopping at.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We went up here with friends. The place was great. 2 pools but they were on the small side and you were only allowed to have 35 people swimming at one time. The same went for the beach at the river. There are no life guards at either the pools or the river. There is a ton of stuff to do both for free or a small/reasonable fee. They have electric boat rentals along with canoe's and both 1 & 2 person kayaks. The wifi was spotty at our site but we were pretty far from the office. It did work great by the pool area though. The showers and bathroom were some of the cleanest and well designed we have seen. The biggest downfall I think is the $60 a night and you aren't by the lake. You are about 10-15 minutes away.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was the first camp ground we went to with our camper. It was still pretty early in the season. The pools were not opened yet. The staff was great. They helped us out with anything we needed and really made us feel like family. The sites were s nice size and had just the right amount of trees for shade. We have all intentions on making this camp ground a yearly visit for us.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Like others here, we went to visit D.C.. The sites were a little closer then what we were used to but then again, you are camping in a city. The staff was great. They couldn't do enough for us. Bathrooms and showers were very clean. We would go back again if we visit the D.C. area again.
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