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rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is green, clean, safe and more reasonably priced than other parks in the area. They allow free fishing on the lake and the owners respect nature. The parks rules are reasonable and the people who worked there were friendly and helpful when we had questions. It is located near Kingwood, Texas and other populated subdivisions where some of our friends and family live. Walmart is just a few miles away as are restaurants and grocery stores. It was very hot but the large green trees kept us comfortable. This is a great park for the hot Texas summers. The red birds are feeding in the area and easy to spot. We walk for exercise and enjoyed being able to walk in the shade and through wooded trails. The swimming pool is clean with a nice laundry room and restroom showers nearby. I recommend this park anyone needing a clean, safe, reasonably priced RV park in the northeast area of Houston, Texas.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Pass by this park if quality wi-fi is important to you. They offer Tengo but it is useless. They take your money and give totally unreliable wi-fi. Surrounding parks have same and more amenities and have much better wi-fi. According to park residents, the poor wi-fi has been a problem for years, but the owner and the managers don't appear to have priority for solving the problem. An expensive split rail fence is being installed while we camped here, and residents and guests suffer from poor wi-fi. Like some other Tengo and outsourced wi-fi supplied parks I've visited, management blames the wi-fi supplier and supplier blames your pc or an inadequate number of park antennas. The park's recreation center is also small and an old trailer is parked next to it as an annex. If a large rec center with nice kitchen facilities is important to your group, I recommend you pass this park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent much of the Summer here and will stay here anytime we are in the NE Houston area. It is a truly green park with indigenous trees; birds and deer. The trees and walking trails are especially nice for the Summer. We've been full time RVing for 14 years and this is our favorite Houston area park. The owners and employees are friendly too and their rates definitely are the best value in the Houston area.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The park Wi-Fi here is really bad! They use Tengo and like other parks using Tengo; the management could care less about your Wi-Fi connection. Nor the fact that Tengo took your money and did not deliver decent service. They can ignore Wi-Fi problems and simply blame Tengo. If Wi-Fi is important to you; I recommend you stay away from this place. Ive been RVing full time for 14 years and Wi-Fi here is one of the worst Ive seen in a long time. The quality is about like Wi-Fi was 10 years ago.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Our favorite park in the area. We've stayed here many times over the 12 years we've been fulltime RV'ing in our 40-footer and the park gets better each time we visit. It is family owned and operated: truly a green park, with useful, clean amenities and very friendly workers. We spent most of the summer here and the shade provided by the trees made the hot summer days a pleasure compared to all concrete, parking-lot type parks with no trees. All of the people here are very, very helpful!
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