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rating [ 3/10 ]
The park is situated right off interstate 25 and there is a continual drone of traffic. Sites are very small; it feels like a giant parking lot. We were directed to a site that was loaded with dog messes and filled with mud. On 3 separate days we suggested that it might be a good idea for the maintenance staff to put a little gravel over the mud. No one ever responded during our stay.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a very friendly family park that is quite remote by our standards. It is about 25 miles to the nearest grocery store of any consequence. The management is very friendly and anxious to make your stay enjoyable. The overall park is quite rustic with lots of trees for shade. Good facilities which included indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, rec hall, store, bathrooms, etc, etc. WiFi is available locally at the lodge. We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, the friendly staff and guests. Please note that we had no cell signal, nor broadcast TV signal due to our remoteness. We would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a friendly, no frills park. We paid $17.45 a night for a 30 amp full hookup site with Good Sam discount. The management is very friendly and efficient. The roads are paved and the sites are gravel. There is virtually no shade and landscaping is minimal. The toilets, showers and laundromat are in good condition. A pay WiFi service is available through NomadISP. We signed up for a week at $12.95. Daily and monthly rates are also available. We were even given a toll free number to the provider in case questions arose. We would stay here again.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We reserved a month at this park, based largely on the advertised availability of pool, hot tub, and free WiFi. Upon arrival we were told that the pool and hot tub were closed. For the first 2 weeks neither the pool nor hot tub was available due to repairs on pool. There was never a satisfactory explanation given as to why the hot tub was closed since it was located in a separate enclosed building. After 2 weeks they opened the hot tub, but delayed almost a week longer before opening the pool. The free WiFi was very flaky with frequent drop outs and speed changing erratically from good to a fraction of dial-up for no apparent reason. We asked the management about these problems and were told that they don’t understand WiFi. We then asked if we could contact the provider and were told that was not permitted. We did move to a site closer to the access point after a few days which improved access and reduced the number of drop outs. When questioned further about the problems with the WiFi, the manager responded, “What do you expect for free”. All in all, the management was non-accountable and cavalier. We eventually re-oriented our roof-mounted, directional antenna towards the adjacent park (High Desert RV Park) and paid for real WiFi provided by NomadISP. Be aware that this park charges for propane on the basis of your tank size regardless of how much propane is added! We suggest you fill your tanks at High Desert RV Park next door where they charge according to the quantity of propane added. On the positive side, the overall landscaping was very nice and the facilities such as toilets and showers were nice. In summary, if you do not require WiFi and have no need to interact with the management, the park is pleasant although overpriced. We will not stay again.
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