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rating [ 8/10 ]
I took a fishing trip up there arriving Friday evening and departing Sunday morning. The campground was sold out and the day use areas were full also. The nice thing about this campground is that there is so much space, trees, picnic benches, and open areas that I didn't feel crowded at all - even though it was full. I've stayed here numerous times over the years and always caught fish (trout in the winter, catfish in the summer). Unfortunately I didn't catch a single fish - the ranger told me they had just stocked horseshoe lake with 750lbs of catfish, but I only saw 2 people with fish the entire weekend. The water was very murky and I think that had a lot to do with the lack of catches. The other thing I like about Mojave narrows is that I can be sitting next to my campfire, then hop in my vehicle, grab some marshmallows or beer for a dozen different places close by, then be back at my campfire in 20 minutes. Their is lots of stuff close by if you forgot to bring something or run out of something. They give you a code to the gate so you can get in/out whenever you need to. I gave it a 8 out of 10 only because of the trains. There are 2 sets of railroad tracks behind the RV area. In past years the noise from the trains were not bothersome, but this trip the noise was much worse. A train is traveling north on one track or south on the other track every hour - even at night. For some reason the conductors blow their air horn right around when they pass the park - thankfully they don't do it at night, but the sound of the rails are very annoying. The staff is friendly and helpful, all of the RV spaces are wide and in general the park is kept clean. Try to get a site which is adjacent to horseshoe lake, it is also furthest from the railroad tracks. I would recommend this campground and will be camping here again.
rating [ 2/10 ]
This was one of the worst, if not the worst campground I have ever stayed at. I will never go back. I was really excited when me and my young son were able to book an RV site at this campground over 4th of July weekend, but we found out exactly why the campground never got over half full. The fly problem is really bad, the smell was pretty bad too from the cows and also a chicken farm somewhere close by. The really sad part was the fact that we really just wanted to fish. They told all of us campers that they had just stocked the lake with 500 lbs of catfish, then charged $18 per day, per pole for a fishing permit. Nobody caught fish, I caught 2 baby catfish the size of my hand, which I released and my son finally gave up on trying for catfish and just went after the bluegill. He had a terrible time out in the heat and the flies. Our last day here we started talking to our neighbors and found out that one of them were there the day that they did their supposed "500 lbs of catfish." He said they dumped 3 scoops of small catfish into the lake and that was it!!! I really felt ripped off at that point. Spent over $60 in fishing licenses for nothing. I would not recommend this campground.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice park, staff was friendly, but they put us in a site that barely fit our RV + tow vehicle. There were numerous spots still vacant. Very rustic and a lot of open spaces. Could not walk to the water carrying all our gear, fishing poles, tackle box, folding chair, bait, etc. had to drive, but not very far. Coyotes at night feasting on rabbits kind of freaked out my kids, but just added to the experience. We would camp here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We had our annual group Christmas Party here and had an excellent time. The club house with a full kitchen worked out very well. Unfortunately we couldn't get on the other side that had a fireplace. The sites are good size and there is lots of shade, but it was raining when we were there. The staff is extremely helpful. We have been camping as a club there for many years and they have always been very responsive to our needs. Some of the sites have 20/30/50 amp power, but some only have 20/30. They will give you an adapter in the office for a $10 (refundable) deposit if you don't have one. We didn't do any fishing because it was drizzling, but we watched some guys near the shore pulling in a lot of fish.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped here with our club for 2 nights and really enjoyed ourselves. The campsites are huge and the ones that we had were paved and level. There was a fire-ring and barrel trash can at every site. I made the reservations for my group on short notice so all they had available were the sites that ran adjacent to the cow farm. We were all really worried, but it wasn't too bad. A steady breeze kept the smell near the cows. The only problem were the flies, but the candles, fly traps, and insect repellent kept them at bay. The sites were really spread out and the grass and trees had died from lack of water - I think they are working on the plumbing. I will definitely go back to do some fishing in that huge lake. The sites further away from the cow farm are ideal.
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