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rating [ 10/10 ]
This campground is the best kept secret around. You pass all the mega campgrounds to get to Indian Creek and realize how much in the open all the others are. Indian Creek is well shaded. Wireless internet is free and was even accessible at my site because I was close to the office. Bathrooms are immaculate. They have dehumidifier and fans to keep the place dry and clean. The staff was mopping the floor continually. I told the staff that the only place I have camped with cleaner bathrooms was Fort Wilderness at Disney. Highly recommended!!!
rating [ 4/10 ]
Well, this is a strange review. I've stayed at this campground for many many years, but due to the outdated bathrooms and high cost of a night I decided to visit another campground this year. I have to say that my steering somewhere else this year, really made me realize how poorly maintained this campground is. The bathrooms are very outdated. Water and sand always on the floor. Toilets always plugged up. Many sites are unlevel. You have to pay for internet by the day. These are good people running this campground and the location is to die for, but this campground is overpriced for what they are offering. The only thing they kept up with the times on, was the pricing.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We've traveled to this campground for over 15 years. Year after year we come back because of the large wooded sites and the location on the Parkway. We also love the ease of getting to it off i-40. We were happy to see a new sand box for the kids in the C/D area. It was huge and a big hit for kids of all ages. My chief complaint here is the lack of updating of the bathrooms. Still no progress there and it seems like every three hours the toilets are plugged. While the staff did a good job of unplugging them it seemed like a neverending job. Maybe they should put a plunger in the stall. If the campground would spend some effort on updating the bathhouses, my rating would go from a 6 to a nine or ten.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We visited this campground again. Not much has changed from the previous year. No updates to the bath-houses or anything else for that matter. The owners seem to be investing in their full cabins. However, the bathhouses were the cleanest I have ever seen. Very clean and spotless. Would be nice to see them install some permanent grills at the sites and do some updating.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I stayed here for the Labor Day 2007 weekend in a group site. There was allot of confusion with park staff whether I booked a regular site or a group site. I showed them my reservation noting a group site with up to 15 people with 3 cars. It's funny that with all the confusion the marker by the road at this site said Group site. There was only parking for two cars and the reservation said I was allowed three. They asked me to park my third car at a nearby site. This was a major pain since all food has to be put in cars at night. My site was beautiful and cozy but very unlevel for tent camping. It would also never work for a popup. The parking spaces were very small. This campground is much quieter than Big Meadows. We originally looked at big Meadow but decided on Loft Mountain because of the group site availability.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Staff was very friendly at check in. Wi-FI access is new at this campground but only available at the front and $5 for first day or $10 for length of stay. Bathrooms and showers are dated but were clean this time around. Still think that the campground is overpriced.
rating [ 6/10 ]
I recently was here on the Labor Day 2006 weekend. The bathrooms were spotless at the beginning of the weekend but once a day cleaning is not enough. There were newspapers and toilet paper on the floor and they were not cleaned up until the morning cleaning. This place is very expensive and not worth the extra money. Lake was green from algae. Firewood was awful. Very wet.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This campground has definitely not been maintained over the years. The bathhouses are the same ones built in the seventies. Lots of problems with the toilets overruning. I was here Labor Day weekend 2005, and they had well water issues. They just told everyone to not take showers. That's fine if you are charging $18 a night but not for $34. The staff never acted like they cared. I would look elsewhere. 2006 rates are $38 a night. Very overpriced for this campground.
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