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rating [ 6/10 ]
I stayed here one night in winter. This is an expensive campground considering the lack of maintenance and amenities. For a family with children, there is a nice pool and apparently a lot of activities during the summer that may mitigate the cost. The campground is spacious, very attractive and quiet. However, for me, this was not a pleasant stop. The site wasn't level. Hookups were poorly positioned. Pads were more mud than crushed rock. There were numerous vacant RV's throughout the park that were eyesores (trash surrounding them and a general lack of maintenance). One of the showers was closed (there were 3 total shower stalls), but there was an electric heater running in the closed stall, which seemed like a electrical hazard since the showers splattered all over and the water tended to run everywhere except toward the drains!. It really wouldn't take a lot of effort to make this terrific campground, but in its current condition, I cannot recommend it.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice park with numerous clean toilet/shower houses throughout the park. I stayed here in winter, a few days after snowfall and the number of cleared sites were limited. They probably only clean a limited number of sites in the winter. The staff was friendly, although winter hours were limited to a couple hours a day. They have a shuttle service to take you to the casino. The park is close to I-80, so it is convenient but also can be a little noisy. I enjoyed the park and would stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I stayed here 1 night. This is a well-kept open site with plenty of space and concrete pads. It is basically a large parking lot within walking distance of Terribles Casino. I called-ahead and was told that there were showers and toilets available as well as WiFi access. Unfortunately, that just means inside the casino. There are no showers. Both the casino and park are well maintained and I would stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
I stayed here for one night in winter (off-season), arriving on a Friday. Roads were all snow-covered, which made locating the roads and sites somewhat difficult. The office was only open 1 hour a day, Monday to Thursday plus Saturday. The office door was smattered with hand-written notes (mostly "rules"). I was not carrying water, so I expected to use the showers and bathrooms at the park. Unfortunately, they were all locked (surprisingly, there was no note stuck to the door explaining why). The next morning I went to pay and asked about the showers and toilets. The lady barked that they were remodeling. When I politely suggested that $30 seemed quite high for no showers, bathrooms or WiFi, she scowled and said, "well, when are we supposed to do it!" They are listed as a Passport America park, but one of the many notes on the door says that they no longer honor Passport America or any other discount cards. Overall, this is an overpriced park for the unfriendly staff and very limited services.
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