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rating [ 8/10 ]
This was a great deal for the price. We stayed two nights and with Passport America paid only $15.00. Even at the full rate it would have been an outstanding price. It is owned by the city of San Augustine and is extremely well cared for. The restrooms were spotless.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed here 1 week and received a weekly rate. However, they attempted to charge more than I was quoted when I made the reservations. It is a nice campground close to downtown Austin. However, it is right on the frontage road for I-35 so it is a bit noisy. It had a nice dog park which was a plus. The big downer was that we had to pay for the Wi-Fi even though the paperwork they passed indicated it was free. The campground apparently has new management and several things have been changed: not necessarily for the better.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This is a beautiful location, among old Florida vegatation and within walking distance of the ocean. There are some 50 amp sites but most are 30 amp sites. The rate was the discounted winter rate. However, the campground was in much worse condition than past visits. Some of the problems included dirty restrooms and sites, restrooms and sites that needed repairs, poor interior road conditions (pot holes and large drop offs along road sides), poor and unsafe electric outlets (our neighbors arced and burnt up their plug) fewer host campers available to help, new management rules that made no logical sense,and some unfriendly/indifferent office staff. The rates were raised a couple of years ago but the funds certainly did not go to campground upkeep.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We absolutely love this campground and have stayed many times in the past 7 years. Our site is 28 feet wide and we have a shade tree in our yard. It is a quiet, super friendly campground surrounded by mountains and trees. It sits beside the Swannanoa river and is close to the VA Hospital, shopping and downtown. It definitely exceeds our camping needs. NO,it isn't fancy but, Bill and his family are on site 24/7 and are ALWAYS willing to help anyone that needs help. Many of the campers have dogs here, including us. Bill is a stickler for following the pet rules which is very important to us. With regard to the last posting, we were here during their stay and they did not want to follow the pet rules. Leaving a dog outside, unattended and off lease has to be addresses for the safety of other campers and their pets. If Bill did not enforce his rules, we would not want to camp here! It is bad enough that he has to keep cleaning up after pets owners that think they don't have to be responsible for their pet's actions. I can't tell you the times that we have walked our dog and found piles left by inconsiderate campers who think that rules don't apply to them.
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