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rating [ 4/10 ]
This KOA's website makes it appear that the campground is very close to Lake George. It's not. It's 8½ miles west of Lake George, uphill. It is much closer to Lake Lucerne, which was only a mile away. The park is extremely wooded and may create problems for larger vehicles attempting to navigate the interior dirt roads. The site I was on was the most unlevel I've ever stayed on, both side to side and front to back. I had to extend my hitch jack to the full extension in order to get level front to back, and several Lego-type blocks cured right to left. But this put my outdoor grill , as well as my storage pass-throughs, at mid-chest level. The sites are deep forest sites, and not too far from us was a ½ mile trail to one of the lakes that descends from Lake Lucerne to Lake George, we let our dogs run free on this trail. They loved it, but look out for mosquitoes; without coverage you're a walking meal. Wi-Fi was sketchy, but we were able to connect, albeit slowly. If you like the boonies, heavy forestation, and don't mind jumping through hoops to get your rig level, then this is a place for you.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We've been traveling across country for over six weeks (and six weeks to go). We only make reservations a few days in advance, but ending up in a beautiful national park, Acadia, with the advent of the 4th of July had us scared. For once, not taking reservations, this park allowed us to camp since it's first come, first served. Our site was under a shade tree, without a view, and somewhat slanted. Our jack hitch was to it's lowest setting to get us level front to back. This park is the closest to Bar Harbor, is family friendly, and we paid $40/night for full 30-amp hook-ups (a few 50-amp sites are available as well), staying 6 nights gets you the 7th one free. Good security, and I've heard from a former employee that they don't tolerate any loud noises during their quiet hours - maybe one warning, and then you're escorted out, so it is very peaceful at night. There are a variety of sites from ocean views, under a dense tree canopy, and even out in the open. Most of the interior roads are paved, as well as some sites; the rest is coarse gravel. I'd stay here in a heart beat again if it wasn't so far from San Diego!
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