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rating [ 2/10 ]
The owners and manager are friendly but that is the only good thing I can say. The park is not maintained very well, the rest rooms and laundry room was not clean and in 2 months the grass was mowed once. They advertise wifi but it rarely works (probably because at least 1 permanent resident watches netflix movies all the time). Another problem in this park is that your cell phones won't work. They have a number of permanent rv's and some mobile homes and some are pretty junky. The worst problem is that nearly ever tenant has from 1 to 5 dogs consequently there is rarely a time that there isn't a dog barking and they are frequently allowed to run loose so (you guessed it) there is dog poop and I have never seen anybody picking up after their dog. We are not likely to come back.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Owners are working on the park and there are some areas that still need work, the restrooms and showers were clean but need some work, otherwise I couldn't say anything bad about it. The comment by other guests that it is a party place and loud are sort of true but only on the weekends and they do have rules regarding the quite hours and everyone seemed to abide by the rules. The thing to understand about this park is that most of the people staying there on the weekends live in or near that community and they all seem to know each other and they gather there on the weekend. We did not find them offensive, quite the contrary, they were all very friendly. If you are a "stuffed shirt" this might not be the place for you though. We were there nearly two weeks and on the weekdays we were one of only two or three campers in the park with the exception of long term campers that are in a different section of the park. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and will stay here again if we are ever in the area again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Park was well kept, bathrooms were spotless and the employees were friendly and helpful. This park is just off the interstate highway and right across from a truck stop so it was a little noisy. So not a really good park for resting and relaxing, but if you are just passing through and need a spot for the night it is easily accessable and would work very well for that.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I am not exactly sure about the nightly rate but believe it was around $35.00. This park was reasonably clean, staff was ok, but it was grossly overcrowded. There was barely 10 feet between us and the trailer next to us, their sewer connection was very close to us, as ours was to the guy on the other side. The end of our trailer stuck out in the very narrow road as did some others. If we hadn't gotten here before most of the other campers I don't believe we would have ever been able to get into the space. But it was just a sand dune away from the ocean and about 1/2 to 3/4 miles away from Sand Fest Activities. We are not likely to ever stay here again.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Rate is Passport America. Park looks nice. I don't know about owners/workers we never saw them. We put our money in a locked box and stayed 2 days and then left. If you desire a peaceful, quite setting this is not the place. There is an extremely busy road right above the campground. The noise factor is the only reason that I gave a poor review. if it is not an issue then you might be happy staying here.
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