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rating [ 9/10 ]
Nice Park. Only about 150 sites are for RV's. The rest are park models. Sites are large and level. Sites are made of white sand and there is a small concrete patio with each site. The great thing about this place is the natural mineral hot springs pools and spas. The pools are worth the stay. All the streets are paved and the park models are well maintained. The park is well maintained and neat. Nice palm trees and lawns around pools and clubhouse. We'd love to return here in the future.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Beautiful, beautiful park! Paved roads, paved level sites. Not a crack anywhere. Plush green lawns between sites. At least 2 trees in every lawn. Beautiful restroom and shower facilities. Everything is exceptionally maintained. It was a bargain. Our motorhome didn't want to leave its site. This is the only place to stay when your visiting Temecula.
rating [ 3/10 ]
What a dump! The only reason we came here was that it was recommended to us by camper we met in Estes Park, Colorado. He said: "Don't miss Campland on the Bay. It's beautiful." I don't know what he was looking at, but he sure wasn't looking at this place! It's a parking lot with hookups - and not a very good parking lot. Sites are tight and not maintained at all. We couldn't open our awning. There was just not enough room between us and our neighbor. The other side of our motorhome was even tighter. The big sites are just 40 feet which means you are parking your tow vehicle in the narrow streets. They have a few sites that they claim are 43-43 feet. But when I looked at them, they didn't look any bigger. We should have been suspicious from the beginning. When you make a reservation, they ask for the full amount up front and there are no refunds if you decide not to stay. We had to stay a week since we had paid for a week. We would have left the second day if we could have gotten our money back. The upside to our visit was that we were able to use Passport America to get a 50% savings. If we come back to the area, we'll not return to this dumpy campground. Trailer Life ratings were way off on this one.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This campground claims to be big rig friendly. However, the 2.2 mile road to get to the campground is very narrow and twisty. Cars coming in the opposite direction have to pull off the road where there is room to pull off, otherwise they have to back up until they find room. When I commented on the narrow, bigrig unfriendly road, the lady at the desk stated that most cars on the road are used to it, but if two motorhomes meet, someone has to back up. Unfortunately where and how to back up will remain an unsolved mystery. We were lucky that we met no other rigs on this road. Once in the campground, the road is very narrow and turns are very tight. We were happy to get our rig out of there and back on the highway without incident. The campground is lovely otherwise, but big rig friendly? It ain't so. Good luck if you try to take your big rig there. I will not camp there again unless I hear the road has been widened.
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