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rating [ 5/10 ]
Very urban park, in an industrial area but convenient for city activities. Lots of "long term" campers, but in general we were pleased being here for 4 days. Sites are not on top of each other, TV worked well as did internet. We thought there might be more of a feeling of security as the state fair was going on right behind the campground. They didn't tell us there would be fireworks the first night we were here, and in fact, one camper lost 2 dogs out of fear. Fortunately our dog was inside by then. One night while walking our dog in the early evening, one of the long term campers' dog tried to attack our dog. He was on a leash, but broke off when we walked by. My husband has a tooth mark on his leg trying to protect our dog. The camper was not nice. We reported it to the office just as they were closing. We had to ask that our site be checked more vigorously by the security person during the night as we no longer felt safe. The office took a report but beyond that didn't feel any obligation to us. It's a park that's been around for years, and because of its convenience and the permanent trailer park next door, perhaps doesn't have the same attention to the campers that we're used to. Not sure if we would camp here again. However having said that, there aren't a lot of campgrounds in the city area.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This campground has potential, but at $50/night we're paying for what is here now. Nice park but apparently a new owner and he's getting his feet. Very difficult to get internet and cell phone connection. They even have a "connection hotspot" posted at the office and admit it's something they can't get to work right now. Some of the workers are VERY nice and few: hmmmm. Gigantic pool is sitting unavailable. Way to far from what you would probably be coming to Santa Fe for. 15 miles into town, restaurants, anything. We were frustrated trying to get our internet/phone connections, so would probably choose to stay somewhere else.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Loved this campground. Nothing to complain about. Sites were roomy. The staff was available and friendly. The little dog park wa good and also shady. Ft. Collins a very nice town and this would be an excellent base camp. We like to walk and had plenty areas to do so: inside and outside the park. Definitely would return and even stay for an extended period of time. Even had 5-6 connections for internet so had no trouble. This park is what we thought KOA represented.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Terrible! Thought because it was a KOA, we could count on dependability. "Someone" met us at the "door." No hello, just "Do you have a reservation? Follow me." When we got to our site, we asked for a shadier site (temps in the 90's). The response, "You're here now." We had to chase down our yellow "permit" car tag and receipt. Campground is right on I-25 and you can hear both traffic and trains whistling all night. Where is Pike's Peak as advertised in the KOA catalog? Bathroom was dirty. When we called the previous night at 6 p.m., no one answered. "Leave a message." We reserved by internet but weren't able to get into our membership discount. Phone call the next day around 9 a.m: all taken care of. KOA book says to walk by the creek, but you can't get to it. Or no one told us how to do that. Looks like they need to put some money into the general appearance and acceptability. $50-ish dollars/night. NO WAY! We'd never stay here again.
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