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rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a pleasant park for an overnight stop. It is just far enough away from the interstate to be quiet. The owner/manager is a pleasant and accommodating man. I would stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
It's adequate but I think it's a bit high priced. The check-in staff was pleasant and competent. There is little greenery except trees. The entire area is crushed rock but there are concrete pads at the spaces. The wind was blowing from a sewage treatment plant across the road about 250 yards and it is unpleasant. There is a pay fishing lake in the center of the park that brings in some folks who made us uncomfortable. There are lots of kids but they were well-behaved. Based on stored junk, it appears there are lots of long-termers. Call me snobbish or elitist but based on my three years ov RVing, I'd say it's a "lower class" clientele (and I'm a retired NCO). We wouldn't stay here again.
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