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rating [ 5/10 ]
This park is clean and well located. However, that's about all the good I can say. The management is lacking hospitality. They drill you with questions and then tell you ALL the things you can't do. You need to park your car a certain way in the space; how are you going to contain your dogs; laundry needs to be complete by 9pm or the rates triple, etc etc. If you don't clean up after your dog you will be told to leave the park with no refund. It's crazy and makes you a bit paranoid. They are not friendly, there was no "How are you" or "Welcome, enjoy your stay", etc. It was just not a comfortable place to stay. One night was it!
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a decent KOA with a lot of amenities, we've stayed here before. It gets windy so you can't leave your awning out for very long. The spaces are very close and there's no privacy. It's dusty and dirty so prepare. Dog friendly with a small fenced area for off leash time. It's just outside of Cody, about 5 minutes to downtown.
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