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rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is newly remodeled and family owned. They have really done a nice job with making this a really nice park to stay at. There is a playground if you have little ones, laundry room, camping store with drinks and snacks if you need it, shade trees & a super nice staff. It is close to the interstate, which makes it close to all entertainment, dining, stores, grocery, and gas stations. They are wonderful people. This is a nice RV park and it has karaoke and live music on the weekend. They have the Southern charm and hospitality down pat. You won't go wrong in staying here.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We arrived the day before Thanksgiving for our 2nd stay at this park this year. We were greeted again by the owners at the cabin check in area and they were super nice, as always. We stayed in site #18, right across from the Walden's Creek side, but in the middle. We stayed on Cove Creek Side, on the creek during our last stay and went ahead and booked this site before we left from our last visit. This spot made it easy to just take a walk over to the creek area while walking our doggy and the huge grassy area on that side. It is easy to get to the creek on this side, of course there are houses across the way, but they don't bother you at all. I enjoyed listening and watching the water flow in the creek. They have the best Internet of any of the parks in the area, however phones are spotty though due to being in between the mountains. This is our favorite park because of the location, how clean and nice it is, the size of the sites are HUGE and it is off the beaten path, but still close to everything you need. We don't mind at all that it doesn't have a pool or bathhouse as we have our own bathrooms and never really use the amenities at campgrounds. We went to Dixie Stampede on Thanksgiving, drove to Gatlinburg for the lights, walk downtown and eat at No Way Jose's, went to Dollywood for the Christmas shows and lights and just enjoyed staying at the campgrounds on some days. This is so convenient to everything you want to see and do and local shopping. If you need to run to the store there is a country store down the street or Kroger is not too far away. You can catch the trolley if you want to walk to the stop, which is about a mile down the street. This is one of the nicest parks in the area...you will never go wrong when staying here! We can't wait until we are camping here again!
rating [ 4/10 ]
We didn't have a good experience at all this time. As I have mentioned before, you have to really watch your charges to make sure that you are charged correctly. We learned while talking to another camper that they do not get charged for their 50 amp trailer because they use 30 amp at a 50 amp site, while she has always charged us extra when having to stay in a 50 amp site when we only have a 30 amp travel trailer and only use 30 amp. One night while walking we met a nice gentleman with his granddaughter so we all were talking in the road and the owner pulls in with her Mustang, gets out and comes up to all of us to say that we need to move on because she promised the guy staying in the trailer next to her office that it would be very quiet. We said we would move on but felt like we were treated rudely because if anything made any noise it would be her loud muffler on her sports car when we were all just having a quiet conversation. So, we moved to the other side of the park to finish our conversation that night. We have stayed here many times but never when school was in. The band and sports practices were going on across the creek at the school and was extremely noisy. The Internet was not working at all during this trip and has always worked fine before. The last day we were there we called the campgrounds from Dollywood to see if they had our spot available one more night and he said they did so we stayed an extra night because we wanted to go to Dollywood one more day since we have season passes. So the next morning I put a check for the extra day in their box as they were not open yet. They not only cashed that check, but a week after we returned I noticed they took that same amount out of our checking account with the check card number I gave them when we booked our stay, but didn't use to pay with. I called them to tell them that they had done that and the man made excuses, not an apology it was more like we were the bad guy here. He tried saying that we stayed another day and I said NO, the extra day that we stayed I paid for with a check, which you had already cashed a few days before you charged our card. Not only did they fraudulently charge us, if I didn't pay attention I may not have realized it and they would have an extra day pay. And, they are keeping the numbers to your credit cards, which is against merchant rules. I don't like anyone having my credit/check card numbers, so that they can run when they feel like it. He said that he could just keep it on our account instead of refunding us our money, but we don't ever plan on staying here again and told him to credit it back. And we got it back in a few days! The first time we ever stayed here was the best time we have had at this park, as you notice in my previous reviews, then down hill from there.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Just want to say if there was a rating above 10 then we would definitely rate them higher. This park is very well maintained, clean, decorated & friendly! This has been our favorite that we have stayed at in the Smoky Mountains, and we plan on staying here each time we visit. Every other month at least! Now let me tell you about the park. There is the cutest covered wagon at the front entrance of the park with a lot of decorations throughout. The office is the cutest little log home style office and very nice inside. The owners are super nice, live there in a travel trailer next to the office and really care about their guests. We stayed on Cove Creek side in spot 4. Upon backing in we just couldn't believe how huge the sites were. Nice, gravel drive/parking area with huge pea gravel concrete pads and fire rings. You can also get sites with outdoor kitchen/grills or fireplaces. The site is the size of 2-3 sites you normally get at other campgrounds. You truly have a yard all the way around your camp site. There are 2 creeks, Waldens Creek is on the other side. Love the wooded feel and the creeks. The electric panels were lit up with your number so if you arrive in the dark you know where to go, and it makes for a great night light too (they leave the light on for you). We have a teenager and he really enjoyed the paved level roads as he loves to ride his scooter. He also liked being able to use his iPhone and the Internet since it rained a few days of our trip. Our doggy loved this park: enjoyed walking and roaming everywhere, especially the creek area. They have a nice fenced in area if you want to take your doggy in there to potty, along with a waste scooper and bags handy for you. We have our own, but it was nice to have that available too. The dumpster is right beside it so it is easy to toss in the bag when you scoop it up. You carry your trash over to the dumpster to keep from having it outside in case the bears are around. The park is so quiet, peaceful and attracts friendly campers as we talked to almost everyone in the park on our stay. I think the only thing that was a negative, if you want to call it that, is that there is not many channels of cable TV, so we will hopefully have satellite to carry on our next trip. The Internet was great though: better than any other park we have stayed at in the area. We have iPhones: in the area we stayed at we could get reception, but sometimes you had to walk around to get a signal. We didn't mind at all that there were no bathroom facilities as we have our own and never use them. So you don't want to stay here if you need a bathroom, showers or pool. This is a newer park so they will probably add things as time goes on as they have a lot of land, but it is perfect just the way it is. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and look forward to our next stay at Thanksgiving. We stayed here in September and enjoyed going up to Gatlinburg, Black Bear Jamboree, Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge and Dollywood. So it is close to everything. You can go the opposite direction and go up to Townsend. This park is off the beaten path, but not too far from everything. It's close to grocery stores, pizza delivery, Kroger, gas stations and Dollywood. I think it is only 4 miles off the Parkway. There is a trolley stop down the road on Wears Valley, before you turn onto Walden's Creek. We said that this was our most favorite camping trip to the Smoky Mountains so far and one reason is this campground was so nice. We look forward to returning for Thanksgiving. We travel every other month and this is our new place to camp. Great family, kid and pet friendly park! We have already referred this place to other camping friends.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We have stayed here before & really like this park because it is so close to everything & is a good clean park. With that said, though, we had a few things that we were not happy campers about! Upon arrival the first time we stayed, I was told that since we use Camp Club USA we must pay for the stay with either cash or check; this time she said they have changed, and we can now use our credit card. That was better for me, but I remember her making that point last time we were here. They really should tell you that policy on the phone when you put down your deposit, using a credit card! So we paid for the stay from May 28th through June 1st. We paid full price because it was the weekend & holiday plus the extra for our 15 yr old son, extra for a creekside site, & extra for 50 amp even though we didn't use 50 amp. That is the only site they had available. We got Good Sam discount & then the last few nights we were able to receive our Camp Club USA discount. We had a nice stay, & we always enjoy the paved road to take walks throughout the day with our doggy, & our son loves to ride his scooter. There is plenty of areas for you to walk your dog to let them go potty; of course you need to pick up after them. They have plenty of trash cans around to make it easy on you. We decided to stay one extra night & had asked them if we could. The park pretty much was cleared out after the weekend so it wasn't any problem. I went to the office to pay for the extra night which should have been what it was the night before. The owner told the lady there that she thought her computer had given us the Good Sam & the Camp Club USA together so now it will not cost the same & will be higher. I didn't have the paperwork with me at that time to compare and since I do know how to add I thought something was off. Once we got back to the campsite I added up the fees for the site, and she had overcharged us $5, but I didn't make a big deal out of it. It just didn't set right with us, though, that she would do that & went out of her way to override the charges. At the same time I was in there paying she was having to refund another camper for overcharging them for their whole stay again blaming it on the computer. The computer was correct, though! It just wasn't good customer service to be like that with a regular camper; even if the computer was incorrect she should have honored the pricing. No big deal though as we really love the park. We just have learned that we have to really look at the charges. This park has a trolley that comes through regularly for the people that need that service, and it has a laundromat, restrooms, etc. We don't use the facilities, but they all seem clean from what we see as we walk by. This is a great park as it is so close to everything. We enjoy going to Dollywood since we have season passes & love that Kroger is just down the road. We look forward to staying here again in July!
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed here at Smoker Holler from July 3 - 12th and loved our stay. It is located 9 miles off the Parkway from Pigeon Forge and is in Sevierville. It is only 4 miles from Townsend and you can be in Cades Cove in no time at all. This is a very quiet park with beautiful mountain views. We really enjoyed this park because we loved being able to go hiking in the mountains and didn't have the traffic of Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg just to get there. We have always stayed in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg and also visited those areas while staying here but found that we loved going to Townsend and Cades Cove on our trip. If we hadn't have stayed here we would have never visited all of these new areas. The owner is very nice and she will even walk over to your campsite to help you pull into your spot if you need it. She likes to make sure that she gives you the old fashioned service that you don't get anywhere else. We found her through our Camp Club USA membership and received 1/2 off for our stay. At $12.50 per night for my husband, myself, our son and our dog. You can't beat that at all. She welcomes you, your kids and pets. This was the only park that we have stayed at that has huge sites. The back ins and the pull through sites. It was nice not getting woke up in the morning when your neighbors are leaving. We didn't hear a thing! This is the quietest park! There is also a nice big pavilion to use for larger groups or just to go up there and sit under for shade or eat at the picnic tables. The work campers are super nice too and will let you know what to do in the area. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. Our son, who is 14, enjoyed staying here too. He liked riding his scooter on the paved road next to the park. This park is gravel and grass, but they are very level. There are many stores, gas stations and a laundry mat within a short driving distance. If you need to have a pool, concrete sites or noise then this is not the park for you. If you want a simple, quiet park with awesome mountain views then this is the park for you! We can't wait to stay here again!
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was a very clean park; safe & family oriented. We enjoyed this park for our first camping experience & it has set the bar high for any other park. The only negative would be that it is more expensive than others, but it is worth the extra cost. You receive 10% off with your Good Sam membership. The owners are very nice & the working campers too. It is 2 miles off of the main parkway in Gatlinburg & we walked to downtown Gatlinburg with no problems. There is a trolley stop at the campgrounds if you need it. A grocery store is conveniently located across the road from the campgrounds, just turn to the right when leaving the park & it is on the left. We stayed here for 7 days during the 4th of July & really enjoyed being here. The owners really care about their park & it shows. There is trash pick up all the way up until 2 pm...after that you need to make sure that you don't keep it outside since you are in “Bear” country, so it is advisable to put it in the dumpster. This park is safe; your children can play, you can walk at night & we didn't have any problems with anything going missing when we left things out. We stayed on the creekside which was so much better because of the view & not backing up to another camper. We had a blast sitting out by the campfire & just relaxing at the campgrounds. We love to drive up in the mountains to go hiking so this is a convenient location for doing that. They have Internet if you need it but we have our own also. It is nice to be able to check emails while you are gone or check on the “happenings” in the area so that you know what to do while you are there. Our son loved camping & our doggy enjoyed it too. This park is animal friendly. The owners live on the grounds which is a plus. We didn't use the facilities because we have our own bathroom in the travel trailer. I did wash clothes at the laundry & that was a nice area. We didn't have any negatives about staying at this park. We thoroughly enjoyed it & will return again!
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is the nicest park in the area. Close to the interstate so you can be in several cities in no time. Friendly staff. Nice clean park. Close to dining, shopping & Opry Mills.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a nice park & convenient to anything around. Plenty of grocery stores, gas stations & shopping. We always enjoy going to the Black Bear Dinner Show & Dollywood so it was nice not having to drive a long way there. We stayed on stream side for 10 days & love the ducks (approx. 40) that are quacking, love being fed & swimming in the stream. The park is pet friendly with a lot of room to carry your dog on a walk- of course you should clean up after your doggy. The only negative we found is the parking. We stayed in one that does not have enough room for a larger vehicle to park so thankfully we have a Land Rover that could be parked sideways. There are quite a few other spots that we would like to stay in next time that has enough room for parking. I don't know why everyone says that this park doesn't have room enough for their trailers because we didn't have a problem there. Ours is a 30' travel trailer & we fit fine. We really enjoyed our stay here because of the convenience & how nice the park is. The only other negative, I guess, is the owners are not really personable, but that is fine as long as they are not mean & they weren't. You never hear from them really so as long as you follow the rules of the park you will be left alone your entire stay. We will definitely stay here again. You can't beat the price ($18 - $30 with discount clubs). During the holidays we got the 10% discount for being a member of the Good Sam Club & other times we got 1/2 off because of being in the Camp Club USA travel club. We didn't use the bath house but we heard from others that it is very clean.
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