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rating [ 9/10 ]
We have stayed here several times in the past and were thrilled to find the dairies have closed down. Instead of the side of the motorhome being plastered in flies, we saw maybe four on this last trip. The smell is gone as well. It is a very spacious, well maintained park. There is a shooting range nearby which causes a lot of "popping" sounds throughout the day, but is quiet at night. The lake is small, but offers activities from pedal boats to RC boats to fishing (in separate areas). This is one of our favorite urban campgrounds. Although it is close to several large cities, it feels secluded. We will definitely be back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a scenic area and feels very safe. Unfortunately, it was about 110 degrees while we were camping. The swimming pool kept us cool. My only swimming complaint was that the pool hours were very short and it was $2 per person. Lifeguards are provided and the pool is very shallow: like a beach, until you get to the far side (5 ft deep). The campground was nearly deserted, but have to assume that was because of the weather. The staff was very friendly. The rangers always waved and even offered to help us back into the spot if needed. We originally booked spot 67, but upon arrival were informed it did not have full hook ups. They were very helpful in finding us a new spot which actually turned out to be a host site. It was huge. The only complaint (besides spiders in the electric box) would be the minor traffic noise from the nearby entrance road. It wasn't a big deal for us, but might annoy tent campers. There is also a playground, but it appears there has been a recent fire which burned the play structure and that section is now closed. We'd definitely go back, but not until the weather cools down.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Everything the other reviewers said is accurate. It is right on the freeway. The spaces are exceptionally close together. If you decide to visit this campground to start your free trial, you can only use the free nights at that location. They will not allow you to go visit the other campgrounds before making a decision to purchase. The salesman we had was actually very friendly, but he normally works out of a different campground and seemed almost ashamed that he was trying to sell us such an inferior product. If you want to activate your membership, try KQ Ranch. I haven't been there, but have heard excellent things about it. Do not go to Cherry Valley. There is nothing to do. You can't even sit outside and relax. It is too loud and there is no space and really nothing to look at. Save yourself the headache. Do not go to this resort!! We packed up right after the presentation and went to a different campground for the remainder of the weekend.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The staff was very friendly. The park was well maintained and we had a great time. It was probably only about 1/3 to 1/2 full. Had there been more campers, I suspect we wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. The spaces are very close together. We had only one neighbor, but felt like we were right on top of each other. His dog spent a good chunk of time under our motorhome (even though he was chained up). The "spring" was completely dry when we visited. It doesn't appear that it is ever a large amount of water, so don't go out of your way to get a spot near it. We had some friends come out to visit us for a couple hours and they were charged an entrance fee. That's fine, but there was also a $5 deposit required for a bathroom key. We have a motorhome and didn't need their restroom, but you should be aware in case you do require one. Overall it was a nice stay, but we probably would not come back (mainly because the spaces are too close and it wasn't very scenic).
rating [ 7/10 ]
Lake Hemet Campground used to be one of our favorites. Over Memorial Day weekend, they changed the format and you are no longer allowed to pull up anywhere you wish and camp. You must park in designated campsites only. They have closed the peninsula and camp 6 for overnight use. Day use only. While the lake is still as beautiful as ever, it is disappointing that these changes have been made. Overall, this is still a great campground. It is, however, very loud as the rangers do not enforce noise rules. It tends to be windy as well, especially at night. We will go back, but are going to try out Hurkey Creek 1.5 miles down the road just to see if it is any better.
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