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rating [ 4/10 ]
We've been camping here for a month or 2 each year, 5 years now, and I have to say that we noticed the decline as well. They keep building more paved sites, adding more cabins and super sites and generally packing more people in here. But the bathrooms are no longer spotless like when we first started camping here, the showers are dirty, and the facility continues to get more run down. The campground is run by a few dozen well-meaning but clueless teenagers. The campers are pretty much allowed to run wild and do whatever they want, and like others have said, they are a rude bunch, walking through your camp site, letting their dogs go to the bathroom on others' campsites, and just a lot of loud weird behavior at night. Many unsupervised kids, a lot too small to be running around alone. I'm sure that there is an adult or 2 working here, but I haven't seen one and I've been here for a week. There are 2 pools, a "baby" pool, and a deeper pool, but people bring their babies in the deeper pool, which means if you are looking for a swim in a clean pool, forget it. There are babies and little kids with and without swim diapers in both pools all day long, with no supervision. The pool area is filthy with food and garbage, and the pool itself is the dirtiest I have ever seen. Like gross-out dirty with cloudy water and scary debris everywhere. And also the most overcrowded I have ever seen. They need more capacity for a park this size. The pools are just too small for the number of people in them. Not enough chairs at the pool, and the pool bathrooms are foul beyond belief. Plus bad behavior at the pool with boom boxes, squirt cannons, etc, and like I said NO supervision. Food everywhere in the pool area. And some of the campers obviously using the pool as a bath: not showering before at the poolside showers (one has been broken for a while.) Kids on golf carts of every age everywhere. Kids on rented bikes everywhere. Somebody is going to get hurt here eventually. The facility is aging, and there are just not enough people paying attention and cleaning, etc. We come back because my kids LOVE this place, and it's close to home and convenient. But it is starting to get on my nerves and gross me out more than a bit.
rating [ 9/10 ]
One of the nicest KOA properties we've seen. We were in the premium back-in spots, which were spacious, well landscaped with a feeling of privacy: backing up to the woods with a fire pit area set in the trees. Very nice pool, fantastic looking park everywhere you look. It is obvious that these people have really put in a lot of effort to make this place look great, and feel comfortable. A couple of warnings though. The sewer hook-ups were put in by somebody who felt he was an artist with concrete. There is a raised lip around the threaded pipe, so a standard threaded elbow fitting will not fit! Because of this we had to improvise with a rubber donut and a $10 extender, and ended up with a situation where the sewage is flowing uphill and the hose needs to be emptied by hand: gross! They need to tear these out and start over. Also, they have free internet which is pretty good until you start downloading files: then they throttle the speed back automatically. So if you are somebody like me who needs to work on the internet it is basically worthless. Other than those 2 issues I give this park high marks. And since the Petoskey area is the nicest in Michigan, in my opinion, this park is really worth trying.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We tried this park last year and liked it so much we returned for a month this summer. Big and crowded on weekends, but very well run so that the crowds are never a problem. Everything is always clean and works. Large variety of spots from pull-throughs in the sun to nice shaded back ins under a canopy of trees. Lots of things for the kids to do, and a waterpark next door. Internet access is much improved this year and works better than in most campgrounds. The excellent Wadhams to Avoca rail trail is right out the back door for bikers. There's a grocery store, great Chinese restaurant, gas station and several other businesses within a mile. In short, it's just an ideal place to spend some time in the summer if you have kids. My only complaint is the unheated and FREEZING COLD pool.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very much enjoyed this park. Nice beach, great pool, beautiful area. But the actual camping spots are not the greatest; pretty small, cinder-gravel, and baking in the sun. But considering it's location, I guess that might be expected. There are a handful of ocean front spots that looked great.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I really enjoyed the stay here. Very clean park with friendly service, nice pool, nice beach (for the Keys) and good amenities. Only complaint would be with the internet service - there was no way to register online, and the office was out of the cards needed for prepaid access. Othewise, great.
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