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rating [ 1/10 ]
Our family has visited this campground several times, I hate to say this was our last. Our first night there we camped on the north side of the park. It was raining when we got there and preceded to down pour all night long. Needless to say when we woke up the next morning, we were literally in a lake, and i am not kidding. All of the drainage canals couldn't handle the water and backed up into the park. Our ice chest floated several RV sites away. Our golf cart charger burned up and our portable satellite burned up. My husband rode on the golf cart looking for some of the sewer pipe which floated away as well. My father has his truck parked next to our RV and literally had trash from the "flood" waters in his trucks tailpipe (he drives a Ford 4x4)! I spoke with the owner regarding checking out early and had him give us a credit for the next time we visited. Never said sorry, never offered any help whatsoever; just think he could have been a tad more empathetic. The roads are gravel there at the park and I think the drainage could be improved with more gravel and grading, and the ditches cleaned out. Overall I like Jellystone due to all the activities for the kids, the great gift shop, and that you can ride your golf cart around in the park at night and listen to your music along with the other campers. Just hope the owners can upgrade the gravel sites to help with the water issues.
rating [ 5/10 ]
It's been several months since my family and I have visited. Let me first say that it's an overall decent campground. They offer a lot of activities for the kids, like miniature golf, boat paddling, playground, etc. We like visiting here just due to the fact that our children have a great time. However the managers need to do some major upgrade work to this park. Gravel sites are uneven, the concrete ones are all broken, weeds all around the ponds, the arcade gameroom had at least 50% of the machines broken. These are just a few issues this park has. Many of the buildings need a good coat of paint and overall "building" improvements. One eye sore are the permanent campers on the north side of the park. My feelings are if you want to leave your camper here permanently fine, but don't put cheesy fences around it, portable buildings and a forest of potted plants on the RV site. This park is booked constantly for major holiday events, so why don't the owners reinvest some of the money back into the park? Would make this park GREAT, not just okay.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Have to agree with the other reviewers, in that this park is like a resort. Excellent staff service. The main attraction of the park is their pool, which is very nice. All sites are concrete and the park itself is well maintained. Really like how you can get your bracelet scanned and put items on your tab to pay later. If your looking for a wilderness experience, this is certainly not the park for you. Overall a beautiful park, had a great time swimming and riding the golf cart. Make sure you book soon, the weekends are constantly booked. Would definitely come back again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We don't live too far away from this park so, its a convenient stay. Overall its decent park, the staff is very nice and friendly. The park itself could definitely use a little TLC. Some of the pads are concrete, some are gravel. The gravel sites could use some sprucing up, some were under water due to the big rain that came through. The pool area is decent, they need to seriously overlay the concrete decking and give the pool itself a new coat of paint. They offer a lot of fun activities for the kids, my children had a blast. Its a good park that could be great if they would do some landscaping and site overhauls. Hopefully the owners will read these reviews and catch the hint. Would I visit again? Yep.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a beautiful campground. The running streams are very relaxing and great to be next to. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. The campground is a little on the small side, but offers fun activities for the kids on weekends. Have to agree with other reviewers that the push button showers could be upgraded, but the bathrooms themselves were immaculate. I would definitely visit this park again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Overall Decent campground, the sites are grass, but well kept. We went for the Redneck-Cajun Olympics they were having, which was fun. The trails are nice and everyone loves to center around the mud pits. My complaints about this campground would be the lack of management. People are up riding there ATV's everywhere at 4:00 in the morning and blaring their radios. This was both nights that we stayed, which was very annoying when you are exhausted and have to little kids and just want a peaceful nights sleep. The showers and bathrooms are awful, along with the water pressure. My mother showered with a frog in her stall along with unraveling duct tape which was holding the shower together. I don't think I will visit this park again due to the all night music and thrill riders and horrible bathing facilities.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Very nice campground, the main attraction for kids would be the water park. The Lake is beautiful and the premium sites are very nice and well taken care of. I did find this park to be on the slightly more expensive side than others. Especially since they charge you an extra 6 dollar fee per adult per day for the use of the facilities. Plus they allow people who are not camping there to come in and purchase "day passes" so that they can partake in the fishing and water park. We ended up leaving a day early due to the water park being to crowded for my little ones. Overall nice park, little too pricey!
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