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rating [ 9/10 ]
Wow! What a great park! This is a very small park and their sites are very close to each other, almost on top of each other and their roads are gravel. But, the staff more than makes up for all that, what a great staff! When we stayed here it was a holiday and it was full, there was a line to register and the staff didn't want us to wait so they went ahead and brought us into the campground and told us to register later. This was only our second camping trip so here is another example of what makes this place great, they drove a golf cart in front of us and took us directly to our site, this is a small campground and I know we would have eventually got backed in but the owner and about 3 other guys helped us get into our tight spot. They were Great. They came by everyday and picked up garbage. Yogi Bear was out every evening, the kids could have their pictures taken with him. The kids loved the playground and you could hear the stream when you were outside. The park showed movies every night which were free, that was nice. Miniature golf, pool, ice creams, arcade, it was all great. Gift shop was nice, registration was quick, very close to town without having to always deal with all the Gatlinburg traffic. We will go back!
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was a nice park. Interior roads were good, but you couldn't hardly ride your bicycles without about getting run over by golfcarts driven by kids that weren't suppose to be driving them. The park didn't seem to enforce their very own rules. This is a huge park, very, very crowded. We were ever so lucky though to get a site that was backed up to a fence and we even had shade trees. It seemed that the rental trailers had trees but most of the other side of the park burnt up. Very nice playground, but there were so many children that the playground really wasn't large enough for 1900 sites. Our site was really hard to get backed into, there were trees in the middle of the road and one on the front side of our site, so it took many tries to get into position. The garbage pickup was very nice and also being able to have cable. We had to go to the laundromat and it was very crowded and extremely hot. The gift shop and snack area was very nice, seemed to have everything that you needed. The scenery around the campground was great. They have nice little wooden bridges and ducks galore. Lots to look at and do. I was disappointed that we had to pay extra if we wanted to see a show that they performed at night, so we didn't go. Also inquired about getting a golf cart, but the rates were so darn high that it was just a waste of money. This is a nice campground for just once a year or so.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This park is nice, it does need a little updating with the interior roads, playground equipment and camp sites. Our children were able to ride their bicycles and we had plenty of space between us and our neighbors. The concrete picnic tables are a little rough when you have small children but still worked for us. We were in a shady site, and most sites seemed to have trees. We were backed up to a fence, but we actually prefer that. We loved the little gift shop and the kids had to go and buy a little something everyday. The trains were very close and you could hear them all night, but we have a little boy that just loved that and we didn't mind at all.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We loved this campground! We were at #89 and were right on the lake front. My kids loved the boats that passed by all day and we would set and eat lunch and watch them. I wished they had a playground, and a place to ride bicycles, but our campsite was so nice that it made up for that. Great distance between us and neighbors, seemed like we were out there all by ourselves. We loved the fire pit, one of the best we have ever seen and the pea gravels were great, I didn't have to worry about the kids bringing dirt and leaves into the camper. We had fun fishing right below our camper, caught a few little ones for the kids. This was a great campground and we will definitely be back.
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