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rating [ 10/10 ]
We just pulled in here for the night. We wish we had had more time to stay here. The view of the waterfall was amazing. It was dead of winter so the neighboring park and pool were closed but we were able to walk around the fall before we pulled out. It was beautiful. The staff was friendly and everything was very clean.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The only thing this campground has going for it is location. It is right on the gulf and across the street from fishing piers and the ferry. The beach is in poor condition due to hurricane damage. There is a small playground but nothing else for the kids to do other than ride bikes. Bath houses are outdated and in need of repair. If you're planning on going fishing, this is the place, otherwise stay somewhere else on the gulf.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I'm glad I didn't find this review until after we stayed at this park or I might not have chosen it. We had a great stay but it was also during a very slow time - only about 5 other sites were occupied. We stayed for about 4 nights and found the staff very friendly and helpful. Some construction and renovation was going on but it didn't interfere with us. Only problem was that our cable went out on the 3rd day. We didn't discover it until nearly dark. The guy came out in 20 degree weather and fixed it within the hour. We enjoyed the location and took several day trips. We loved coming in at night and using the indoor pool and hot tub.
rating [ 4/10 ]
When I made our reservation the person on the phone stated that we were getting the last available site because of the "Snow Birds." I told her that we were camping with our 2 children and had chosen this park specifically because of the indoor pool. She said that children were very welcome at the park. My children were treated rudely and denied access to the pool for the duration of our stay. We left earlier than we had planned due to the rude employees. It began with a "Snow Bird" yelling that my children and the others in the pool were too loud so the adults could not enjoy watching the races in the Club house next to the pool. I was sitting there and she would not address me, she yelled at the children. The following morning a closed sign was placed on the pool. It opened for an hour mid-morning for the "Snow Birds" to have their water-aerobics class and then closed again. When I asked at the office, the park manager very rudely told me that it closed because children had put rocks and laundry soap in the pool. She would not tell me how to contact the owners and even said that they were so tired of dealing with kids in the pool that they were going to "fill it with concrete before the summer season." I could look in the window and see that the pool was fine and it had been okay for the aerobics class to get in. Since we couldn't get in the pool we decided to build a fire in the fire ring provided. There were 10 people from 3 different sites enjoying the fire and socializing. Then the manager came out and told us we were once again being too loud and would have to extinguish the fire and return to our sites. It was 8:00 in the evening! We were sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and talking! We left early the next morning. When I told the manager why we were leaving she said that was fine because she liked just having the "Snow Birds." I'll never go to this park again.
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