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rating [ 10/10 ]
I checked in here for a night or two, and ended up staying a full month. What a lovely little park! The restrooms are fantastic - each restroom is its own private room, so when you close and lock the door behind you, you have the toilet, sink and shower all to yourself, very much like a house bathroom! Spotlessly clean, too! The Wi-Fi signal is very strong throughout the park, but it's only like 1.5Mbs-3Mbs speed, so you have to buffer any video you want to stream, but its perfect for checking email and browsing the Internet. There is a boat ramp/access road right inside the park to the Grande Ronde river; was nice to just walk over to the river, set up a chair, and fish right off the bank. The sites are nicely laid out, easy to pull in and out, with grass strips between each of the sites. Electricity was solid, I had no spikes or low voltage issues. Water pressure is very high - must use a pressure regulator. There are barbecue pits and fire pits scattered throughout the park, with some firewood available. There are a few rabbits that look like they used to be someone's pet living here (adorable!), and deer walk around the edge of the park in the evening. The park is very, very quiet - no road noise, hardly any local traffic. Really, about the only thing I could complain about is that there are very few trees around the sites - some additional shade would be nice - but the park itself is surrounded on three sides with trees.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This isn't really a RV "park" - it's just a big parking lot with full hookups. I stayed here for one night, so it was perfectly adequate for me. I just pulled up, plugged in, and went to sleep after an exhausting drive from Vegas through 118 degree heat and extreme high-wind warnings (was a nightmare of a drive). The bathrooms were clean but quite old, nothing fancy about them. The staff was super-friendly and helpful, they had a computer available in the office for RV guests to use to check their email and didn't charge me for printing out a few things I needed printed, which was really nice. There is no dog walking area, but my dogs didn't mind walking around the nearby neighborhood. I loved the restaurant, the breakfast I had there was huge and fantastic, just what I needed to prep me for the next section of my road trip! It was quiet and felt safe to me, I had no problems and would stay here again for a day or two - but not for an extended stay.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Super-clean park, practically sterile it is so clean. The hot tubs and swimming pool were extremely well maintained, the showers and bathrooms were immaculate. Really liked the showers, the water pressure was wonderful, practically like getting a massage. When you check in, they have a guy lead you to your spot in a golf cart, help you back in (I used a back-in site as my RV is small and maneuverable), and explains all the connections for you if needed. They set me up right next to the fenced doggy area in the back corner, which was perfect for me and my two elderly dogs - they loved it. Each space is concrete, really level, has a picnic table and a small recently-planted tree (no shade yet!). Unfortunately, each site also has AstroTurf - no grass! - and they are absolutely anal that you never let your dog do his/her business on the AstroTurf (you are told they will charge you $25 or something like that to disinfect the AstroTurf). I understand their thinking about this, but I found it funny because the last place I lived, all the doggy areas were covered with AstroTurf! It is convenient to the marina. My only complaint is it feels really artificial here, everything is just a bit too shiny and perfect for me - I like things to feel a bit more rustic. Staff was friendly and helpful, although perhaps a bit too professional and businesslike. I would stay here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I checked into this park for one night... ended up staying 5 months (from August 2012 through January 14, 2013). I just found it so nice and relaxing here, it's a pretty simple park, nothing fancy, but everything works. When something does break down, the owners are super-fast to get it fixed. The owners and managers are beyond belief helpful and friendly, they treated me with respect and helpfulness the entire time I stayed here. The managers hosted a pot-luck dinner for everyone in the park just before Christmas, which was a really nice thing to do for those of us who couldn't get to our families for the holidays. Very pet friendly, with nice although small grassy areas next to each site. The only complaint I have is the dog-walk area is NOT fenced, so I could never let my dog off leash. There are about 10 permanent residents who've lived here for years, also very friendly although they really keep to themselves. The park is spotlessly clean, the bathrooms are IMMACULATE, absolutely the cleanest I've ever seen in any park. The laundry room is small, only 3 washers and 2 dryers, it was challenging to squeeze in a load when the park was full of Amazon Camperforce personnel, but since I was a monthly resident, the owners let me use the laundry room a few times after normal operating hours for it. I've never had any noise issues here, there is a train track nearby but I didn't notice it after the first week I was here. Would stay here again in a heartbeat.
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