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rating [ 1/10 ]
This park cares about one thing and one thing only. MONEY. They decided that they could split their full hookups into two sites and double their money during the busy Quartzsite RV and Gem Show. Sites were so tight that some campers could not use both slides. Sewers were jury rigged and leaked. Smell was unbelievable. Noise from nearby Interstate 10 was loud. There are no restrooms or showers. This was the worse campground we have ever stayed at. We will not stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very nice park. This is our second stay here. Not sure if they have changed ownership, but changes have been made since our last stay, and more will be made January 1, 2014. Changes now are that they no longer accept any personal mail and packages must be delivered directly to your site. Reservations after January 1st must be paid in full ($50 now) and refund policy will change to 30 days before stay and of course, rates go up, too. This park used to bend over backwards to accommodate the RV traveler. Doesn't appear that way anymore for some reason. We would still camp here again. You just have to plan to pick up your mail as general delivery at the post office, pay the full amount at time of booking and not cancel within 30 days.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Rate reflects monthly rate plus .16 cents per KW for electricity. Very nice park. Has several lakes with lots of wildlife in the area. Great area to walk, run or ride a bike. Good sites with plenty of room between you and your neighbor. Close to Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot, and lots of places to eat and shop. Approximately 16 miles to the beach, 14 to San Diego Zoo or Sea World. Very good campground internet. Poor Verizon coverage in most of the park. Has a pool, club house, picnic areas, laundry room, and kids play areas. Several Lakes to fish in with permit purchase. This is a very beautiful campground to stay at. Vary clean and lots to do here. We would camp here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Overall, this is a fairly nice campground. There are some problems as stated in the other reviews such as an airport located just a few miles away,and you are fairly close to your neighbor. But there are many nice things too, such as large shade trees, good internet, Utah lake park within walking distance, and one of the most beautiful walking/biking paths you could ever want along the Provo river that goes all the way into Provo Canyon. Access to this is just a block away. This is the third time we stayed at this park in the last two years and would stay here again. The rate reflects the monthly rate.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We camped here in a 40' rig with four slides. We had a pull through spot that was about 70 feet long and there was plenty of room between each spot next to you. There is a small strip of grass and large trees between each spot. Internet was free and was fairly good. Office staff was very friendly and helpful. They do allow packages sent to the park in your name. Good location in town. Wal-Mart is approximately 3 miles, grocery store is across the street, movie theater is one mile and St. George is 30 miles with a Costco. Great area for ATV activity. Overall this is an excellent park. Our rates reflect the monthly price.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very small campground nestled in Hominy Valley up against a hillside and Highway 151. There are five gravel full hookup sites and one electric only overflow site. There is no camp host. There is a mailbox with camping information and self addressed stamped envelopes to pay for your site. We have been here almost a month now and often this place is full. I highly recommend calling for reservations in advance. Although Hwy 151 is only about one hundred feet from the campground, the traffic noise is not a problem at night. The camp is located about 8 miles from Asheville NC, and about 10 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The fall colors here were fantastic. There is a dog walk and a small walkway up the back of the camp to a viewing platform. There are no restrooms, pool, laundry or Wi-Fi onsite. They do offer monthly and Passport America discounts. If you looking for a campground to spend the night or see the Asheville area, I highly recommend this one. We would camp here again.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This is a huge campground that has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it is located in a very bad (Run Down) area and has a very active train track on one side of the campground and a very busy 4 lane freeway located on the other side. The campground has 900 spaces with about 70% of them being privately owned. Most of them have one or two golf carts to run around in so the weekends are crazy. During the week it was not an issue. The trees and shrubbery need some serious pruning. The streets are very narrow and with the overgrown shrubbery and trees it makes it very hard to navigate large rigs through the park. The roads in the park are dirt and gravel but the park maintained them fairly well. There are some 50 Amp service sites but they are located near the freeway side of the park where it is very loud. We stayed here for one month and the price reflects the monthly rate. We would not stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a wonderful campground located just miles from downtown Waupaca in a wooded setting. Most camp sites are shaded by large trees. The campground is well kept up and very clean. This is a family type campground and is very quiet. The owners are wonderful to work with and will do anything possible to make your stay pleasant. There are some 50 amp electric and water sites available along the shore of Old Taylor Lake. All of the sites with sewer hook ups have 30 amp service only. They do have a dump station located near the office. They have a nice large, in ground swimming pool that is solar heated. The store located in the campground office is very well stocked for all of your camping needs. They offer small cabins and even some yurts for rent. The price stated represents the monthly rate. (We stayed here a month.) This campground does not have internet WiFi service. We personally have Verizon phone and Internet Service. The phones worked well under the "Extended Network" but the Internet for our MiFi would only hookup under "Roaming" and would cost extra to use. I would not normally rate a campground a ten that does not have WiFi, but this campground is exceptional. We definitely will camp here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a great campground. Office staff were very friendly and informative. We stayed here on the Passport America Rate. Most sites are on concrete pads. Sites are large and have plenty of space between you and your neighbor. Campground is well kept and quiet. Cable TV and Internet included in price. Internet was among the fastest I have ever used in a campground. Shuttle service available for transportation into town for shows. We would definitely camp here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a nice campground located in the heart of Arlington. Beware, this park claims that they honor Passport America year round, Sunday night through Thursday night. We came in on a Thursday morning just for the night and they would not honor the Passport America Price. When asked why not, the lady at the office just said that was their policy and she did not know why. I had an emergency dental appointment that Thursday afternoon or I would not have stayed at the full rate. Other than that we had no other complaints. We would stay here again under Passport America Rates.
rating [ 7/10 ]
During the week that we have now been here, this park has either changed management or at least cleaned their act up, based on the previous ratings and comments. The park is currently very clean and well kept up. The staff here are friendly and have been helpful. Although it is off season and the park is only about one third full during the week and half full on weekends, I have had very good water pressure and electrical power. The internet access is questionable. I could not even get hooked up the first two days I was here. After that, it can be very slow according to how many people are using it at the same time. I would not consider this park as dog friendly. Although they allow dogs and have a dog run, all other areas of the park are off limits to your pets including all grass areas. The dog run is fenced and of decent size but it is not kept up. It is partially graveled and the rest a chalky or powder type of dirt. It reeks with the smell of urine. The first day we got here the pet area was so full of dog waste that my wife would not even go into it. I took the time to clean up all of the mess in hopes that the rest of the owners would at least clean up after their dogs from that point on. After that, most people cleaned up their dog’s pet waste with the exception of a few. Overall, I think this park deserves another chance from what I have seen so far. We plan to be here about two months so I will continue to watch. I will make another review if necessary.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice Park. Has paved spaces with small concrete patios. Patio has small picnic table on it. We did not have reservations when we pulled in. The lady at the desk said that since they became a Good Sam park, they are usually 100% occupied. We were very lucky. She had a cancellation and could accommodate us. Highly recommend making reservations if you plan to use this park. The park in the middle of town but is quiet. The park is in good shape overall for its age and was a trailer park. There are some old trailers but most are RVs now. Very pleasant and courteous staff. They do also offer weekly rates.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Although this is basically a parking lot that backs up to some grass and trees, it still has a lot to offer if you look for it. If you walk down one of several paths behind the parking area it leads down to a very beautiful, well kept up park that has a playground, fishing lake, volley ball area, baseball diamond, and lots of picnic tables. If you walk down to the west side of the park there is a stream that has beavers and muskrats living in the rocks. Birds are plentiful in the area as well. There is a golf course that surrounds this park. This entire area is surrounded by snow capped mountains. It is relatively quiet campground even though Hwy 6 is less than a mile away. The wind does blow often from 9pm to 9am. Overall this campground suits or needs for short time camping and is worth the money.
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