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rating [ 6/10 ]
Our reserved site was situated so that it was nearly impossible to get our trailer backed in. We found a vacant alternate site which was great. Camp staff were friendly and helpful in allowing the switch. On a less positive note, the restrooms had a musty barn odor (to put it mildly), and are long overdue for refurbishing. Same for the showers, which require quarters to boot. A sign said quarters are available at the Visitor's Center. We went there and learned they didn't have change for the showers. After having just come from some Oregon campgrounds, (where water/electricity hookups are standard), we were disappointed in California to have to pay more per night without any of these amenities. Another negative was the evidence of drug use/discarded paraphernalia in the bushes behind our campsite. (I had to explain to my kids that Humboldt County has the most liberal drug laws in the state.) It's too bad, because the location and scenery are spectacular.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We would have rated this park a 9, except for the bait-and-switch approach on their website. Upon arrival we pointed out that the rates on their website, as obtained 3 days earlier, were considerably lower than those we were being charged. We gave them a dated copy of the rate printout from their website. Other associated charges were also higher than advertised. Owner personally told us that the website we cited was not his. He said he had nothing to do with that website. However, a WHOIS search of "campercorral" shows both the technical and administrative contact to be this same owner with the same address and fax number as that of Camper Corral. The business card we obtained from the office also shows their website is in fact "campercorral." The grounds and facilities were clean, although the RV sites are wedged together like sardines in a tin. This owner previously managed a motel in Cambria, California. He should know better than to pull such a shuck-and-jive con on travelers.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This formerly private campground is now a KOA park. Still nice overall, but a bit expensive. The RV site was $35 for two adults. (Kids 5 and under are free.) Kids 6 through 15 are an additional $3 each. For us and our 2 kids it came to $41 per night plus tax.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is generally a nice park and a good environment for kids. Most evenings there was a presentation in the amphitheater by park staff. The park is exceptionally well maintained and the employees are both friendly and helpful. The only reason we didn't rate this one a 10 is its proximity to the highway. Most mornings you wake up to the sound of a trucker's jake brake. Even though guests are encouraged to pick up after their pets, every single dog owner we saw thought nothing of it to let pooch make a dump in either a vacant camp site or on the center lawn area. Be careful in the nearby town of Port Orford, population 1190; it is a notorious speed trap.
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