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rating [ 4/10 ]
Our adventure to Hollylake Campsites almost didn't start out very well, we arrived on Thursday 5-24-2006 at around 8:00pm only to find that all of the conveniently located check-in windows were closed. Luckily the employee who was living in the house attached to the store saw the 4 36 foot campers my group and I pulled up in and was nice enough to come out and check us in. However it only got worse from there. When we got to our sites they were literally woods, I mean leaves 10" deep, scrub trees about 16" tall and grass in the area that were clear about 2 feet high. You could tell that at some point in time these were campsites but not for a while. One of the unit with me actually had to put his truck in 4 wheel drive to make it through the leaves. It's a good thing we had 3 teen-age boys with us and we all carry rakes in our campers. After the boys raked for a while we realized my site had a trench running through it where the had just ran water lines through it to other area of the park but decided not to cover it back over with dirt. That would have been good for my 11 month old daughter just learning how to walk to find. We told the staff we were very disappointed with the conditions of our site and there comment to us was "we just paid someone to mow the grass out there they must have missed them sites, we will send someone out to check on it." Need less to say no one ever showed up. I wouldn't recommend anyone stay at this campground, at least not in the back area where we were at.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very nice place to stay. Staff was great in all aspects. The campground was very clean and organized. The store was probably the best I have ever been in, they carried everything you would ever need on a trip. If your going to this area this campground should been your first call for reservations.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice place to camp, the staff is very courteous and helpful. Some of the sites can be difficult to get into with a large unit, however they are very accommodating with changing sites if they can be. Lots of activities for everyone. We will be going back several times.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great campground, a lot of activities. Friendly staff and very clean. Would recommend highly to anyone. Just hope your not there in a heavy rain because it floods very bad.
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