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rating [ 1/10 ]
This park used to be a restful stop but not this time. The new manager is very rude. The woman in the office tries to make up for it but she appears to be medicated. We were intending to stay maybe a month but 2 nights did it for us. First reason . Rats all over bathroom inside and out. Two came into our RV. We have travelled for 12 years and never picked up rats before, not even in country parks. Second reason a screaming baby near us and teenagers that raced their cars real fast and blew up dust as well as afraid for our family. Next reason is the weeds. Some sites near us have grass up to one's knees or more. Manager explained he needed a tractor. No he needed a weed wacker. He had put down some killer for weeds but that was put on flowers and beautiful yucca trees. We did see a snake but that would be expected with the tall grass. And the price he charged was not all we had to pay. We had to pay electric even though it was overnight for 2 nights. He made us pay cash for Passport so he should take some of that money and buy rat traps and use the weed wacker we saw in his tool shed. We did not mind the train noise we expected it if in Benson. We never heard I-10 which is very close. There is nothing to do here but they charge as if they had pools and hot tubs and things to do. No even a horseshoe area or badminton. I mean there is nothing. We used to stay here often while travelling but will find another park to hitch up with in the future.
rating [ 10/10 ]
It is a clean park. It's a Passport park so the rate is cheap also. We stayed a month in 2006 and found no train noise even though they are in town. Also we never hear the Highway noise unless an ambulance go down I-10. The Internet comes in very well. It is Tengo Net and is at every site for immediate use. We enjoyed our peaceful stay. Wished we could have met more people but other then that it was great.
rating [ 1/10 ]
No cable. no wireless internet. no friendly staff. Grass not cut. Sites uneven. I think this used to be a KOA but not listed as such but it is priced like most KOAs but if this was any good before, it is not good now.
rating [ 10/10 ]
A new park with all the things I want in a park. The Wi-fi works great and is free. The cable stations are many and free. Every site has a cement patio with a patio table. One of the nicest things was the management. The owner checked us in. He was very pleasant and although they were full, he moved his own RV to let us in. Another very nice part was reading the rules. There was not a DON'T in them. The grass is cut better than some golf courses.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a wonderful campground even without the casino. The wi-fi is not the best. Sometimes it just will not work but someone from the staff will come out and refresh the signal and then it will work for a few days. Other than that, it is top notch and Passport park on top of that. The Casino is excellent too. Hard to believe way out in the sticks but the slots most always were good to us. And then . .. . the Oyster Bar restaurant has the best fried oysters and other good food. The dinner is very good too. The buffet is all right but I've seen better. I also go to the oyster bar. There are a few other restaurants also. The fine dinning one is over-priced and only good to use comps at. I had lobster but they put a cheese sauce on it. I am from Maine and that is just not done. We ended up staying over a month because I got sick. The wonderful lady in charge of the office let us stay for the passport rate due to the sickness. I'm sure while I was in the hospital that my other half made up for it in the casino. We have stayed there a few times and will go out of our way to stay there again.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Upon arriving I thought, what a beautiful place. It had a pond (no swimming) and lots of shade. We were told to pick a sight. We did but had to change 2 other times to get the satellite to work. Then we noticed dog pooh all over the place on a lot of the sites. It was real bad and not from just one dog or even one weekend. Also cigarette butts. We racked our area but had to be careful walking to other areas. Our site was pretty looking onto the pond. The golf course was extremely well kept so a big plus for the greens keeper. The golf course manager is a woman and she topped off the cake. She likes her drink, even on the course. I noticed that a lot of the people including the manager were drinking way too much. That is not saying too much for my state of Georgia when this is a state park. We only stayed one night and packed up and went on up the road.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We are also fighting ants but we have been here for 5 weeks and find that the grass is always mowed very nice. No, it is not Bermuda grass but even if it was, it is a very dry year. No rain since we've been here. The host and hostess are quite helpful. The owner is friendly and always smiling. They are working hard on getting Wi-Fi. We had it for a couple of days and then it broke for about a week. It is back working again. That is a very big plus for this park. Right now the Wi-Fi is free but plans are for a very small monthly fee come winter. The golf is nice but I, too, do not like the extra charge for walking. They have a nice putting green and driving range. If you do not golf, there is not much to do but now that the wi-fi is working there is something. The town of Cochran is friendly and it is within a few minutes or Wal-mart (Eastman) and Publix and Winn Dixie in Warner Robbins. Macron is only 45 minutes with all the bells and whistles. There are two grocery stores in this town, but in bad need of some good restaurants. We have seen a big bobcat right in front of the motorhome and we have seen some fox. It is very quiet with no trains or highway noise. Also no lights to keep you awake in the park. They give you a golf cart to use while here to go get ice and take the trash away or just plain go visit neighbors, if there were any! I'm pretty sure that when news gets out that they have Wi-Fi here will be more people coming. Nothing fancy but clean.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here at the passport rate of only $11. We had a nice shade tree. People were very friendly. It was extremely quiet . . never a train or highway noise. If my cell phone had worked or they had wi fi I would have given them a 9. The sites were quite large and level with lots of well-cut green grass. We went for one night and stayed a week.
rating [ 9/10 ]
The RV park is back and as good as ever. The hotel will come in October and the Golf Course will be sometime in the future. They are working on bringing back my favorite casino but it looks like a while yet. Although a lot of Katrina workers and FEMA trailers are there, they are in a separate part. The girl in the office is one of the same ones as before the storm and as friendly as ever. The friendly cats are gone. The office girl said at least one made it through the storm and was alright then but has gone away some place. Right now, it is a ways to go to shop, but all the shops in Gulf Port (off I-10) are going strong. We checked in for one night but stayed for four just because it was so nice and brings back memories. The Bay Saint Louis area is just not there yet. A bank, a car dealer, 1 Huddle House, 1 Waffle House, and 1 or 2 gas stations are back up but that is the word . . . back up. You can see where most all was destroyed. Down on the beach there is not 1 house and only a couple started to rebuild. We saw lots of FEMA trailers and one even had a Rolls in front of it.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is an RV Park next to a golf course. Both the golf and the RV park have seen better days. We have stayed here a month or more for several years until this year. It is no longer a friendly feeling when we go into the office or the pro shop. The newer hosts (about two years)are very rude and make up rules as they go that the owners know nothing about. If you want your lot mowed, or raked, you do it yourself. There are some very shady sites but be careful when the wind blows. A huge limb fell on neighbors site. If you want sun, they offer that also. Several park models started coming a few years ago but there is still plenty of room for RVs. The golf course needs a lot more grass but you do have your share of water holes and a couple of alligators. They do not have a lot of play on the course except for the RVers. There are no cement pads but there are picnic tables and plenty of fire ants to go around.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Small, newer campground next to a 27 hole golf course. We had peace and quiet. Only the hosts and us here. We stayed a month in June 2005. The price is good but they give nothing for it. The water pipe is next to ground and only 8 inches from the sewer. There is no shade and no picnic tables. We were fighting ants the whole time but I guess that is just the area. The hosts were very friendly and went over backwards to greet us. We were given a golf cart to use so we could take the trash to the golf club office. If you want to use the cart for golf there is a charge for golf and for the cart for each person riding in addition to the price for golf. We found that to be alright except if we wanted to play golf, in addition to the Greens Fees we had to pay for each person walking for each 9 holes. We were disappointed since we first came here to see about the golf and were given a rate sheet that said the greens fees for seniors was all day and that is all we would pay except for cart. Then after we got here were told we had to pay a trails fee to walk in addition to the greens fees and that fee is charged for every 9 holes. If it was not for that we would have rated it a 3 or 4. There are no showers or restrooms. We knew that and we don't really care. I will say the grounds are well mowed and clean.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We came here for a few nights and so far have stayed 3 months. There is a railroad directly beside campground but at least they do not blow horns. There is a four lane highway on other side but not terribly busy. We came here because in a golf magazine saying golf across street but it is actually 2.5 miles away. It is a very busy golf course. Most of the sites are occupied by construction workers that go to work around 5:30 a.m. They have no concern for other campers and slam doors and rev up motors. Then when they have finally left city park workers come to the city shed and of course they all start up chain saws, tractors, etc. On the plus side the sites are angled and we had an end site. Also, when you stay here you get full access to the health club next door which has 2 swimming pools and about any health club machine or activity you could imagine. There is a large area to walk in that is in the city park of which this park is part of. We had tornado warnings a few times and they have no provision for any place for campers to go.
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