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rating [ 10/10 ]
We absolutely LOVE this campground. It is a hidden jewel in PC Beach. Even though there are some fancier RV parks and even some on the gulf, this place is just so nice and peaceful that we have camped here over 10 years except once when we came to PC Beach. I especially love the screened in pool. Keeps the bugs out. It's always so peaceful and everyone is so friendly and works hard to keep it clean. I love the lighted-dock at night over one of the 2 ponds. Oh and most sites have a screened-in picnic table. That's neat.
rating [ 9/10 ]
SUPER clean, gorgeous paved sites and they seemed so private due to the landscaping between the sites. Great photo-ops around our campsite. We enjoyed walking and riding bikes at night because of the lit-up trees, etc. Pool gets a little crowded, it would be nice if they would add another one toward the back or another area of the property. It really gets over crowded with kids. Friendly, helpful staff.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Love the landscape around the campground, always keeps grass cut, etc. Nice, roomy lots. Different sections and you can pick your lot, so we always drive around to see which section has more rowdy people (usually the one with waterfront lots) and we pick the quieter one. Love the trails and great place to ride bikes. We like to play tennis here, too, although court needs a face lift. Also they have a rec-room but I can't remember if there is a TV.
rating [ 3/10 ]
This park has so much potential but they made one huge mistake, not enough showers and restrooms. We camped here before the big remodel and expansion and it had more clean, air conditioned restrooms before (which they tore down to build the new office). Although we have a shower in our camper, with kids, we generally prefer to use campground showers every where we go. This place had 2 "family" showers on the new section (what woman wants to use a shower after a man has been in there?) and you could tell they hadn't been cleaning them regular due to large amount of spider webs and SPIDERS in the shower and above the shower. The only air conditioned shower that was bug/spider-free was the ONE "family" shower at the office which doubled as steam room. Not good idea because so many take up time 'steaming' that there was always a wait of at least 1 hour or so to get in the shower. Again, only 1 shower near the front of the campground. Luckily everyone waiting could watch TV outside the shower waiting. This place could be so much nicer if they would add more showers. Seriously, with a 225 site campground that is generally fully booked at times, they only have 5 actual showers on the grounds. Imagine each site having 3 guests. We even tried to get smart and try showering around midnight and STILL had to wait 30-40 mins to get a shower anywhere on campus. Nice pool area. And we loved our actual site. Staff was friendly but needed to spend more time cleaning.
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