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rating [ 7/10 ]
The park was nice, convenient, clean and laid out well, especially for us as we are about 70 front ft overall. We have stayed there several times for bike week and the turkey run, without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, the couple managing the park were not as nice as the park itself. On the last day a camper arrived next to us and the guy was, let's say, less than pleasant, complaining from the moment he got there about things that were not our doing (i.e. picnic table on his site wasn't where it was supposed to be, didn't like the noisy hot rods, etc.) The guy managing the place (actually we are not sure he even was the manager) turned out to be of no help, in fact he made matters worse. We finally decided to pull out and leave a day early. Too bad, as it was a nice campground that worked great for both Bike Week and the Turkey run.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great campground for us, we have a 42 ft. monaco with a 30 ft. trailer and needed literally, last minute reservations. We called at 4pm enroute and they were great people to work with all the way around. It was a little tight for us getting out (if the park had been full we'd have to do a bit of jockeying around) and things are a bit tight but all in all it was a nice park with great people. Would definitely go there again!!
rating [ 1/10 ]
Despite what they advertise (and book in advance), they are not able to accommodate larger RV's and certainly not one pulling a trailer. We called ahead and asked for a spot for our 42 ft motor home and trailer and we sent a check for prepayment. The owner replied they could easily handle our length (72 ft). When we actually arrived, there was nobody there to greet us. Once someone arrived, they had us follow them down a narrow lane to an area where we couldn't get turned around (due to our size). When I then complained about them misleading larger rigs when they can't accommodate them, the owner completely lost it and told us to "get out." My guess is he had no place to put me so he started a fight to get me to leave rather than deal with the issue. This place CANNOT accommodate larger RV's and certainly not when pulling a trailer. The lanes are small, no area to turn around when you get in here. Then there is the issue of the owner, his temper and inability to deal with circumstances caused by his booking us in a place where we couldn't possibly fit.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We are a large rig 42 ft with 28 ft trailer. We loved this place. Owner took great effort in accommodating us at the last moment. Very clean, easy in and out for large rigs across the street from the track but far enough where it's not noisy. Will absolutely not stay anywhere else but Ver El when in Charlotte next time.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place was a joke. We were told they were set up for large rigs and we got there after dark so I didn't see that there was no base - they just park you on unsolid grass field. We are a 42 ft. Monaco with a 28 ft trailer and it started raining that night and we couldn't get out. Called a wrecker and they came over from the racetrack with a small rig, did about $1,000. of damage before we fired them and called a large wrecker. Several smaller outfits were stuck as well. We were stuck for five hours and the people never even came out from the office, just watched us in the rain from the windows. If you are anything relatively heavy, STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE...
rating [ 8/10 ]
We are a 42 ft with a 28 ft trailer and for once the place was as the people described. We just need a good place to park and launch from and this one was nice as it was easy to get in, paved, water and sewer right where they should be. It's not a recreational campground where you have all sorts of activities for kids, etc. and it's small but it's neat clean and a great place to pull in with a larger rig. People were very accommodating.
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