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rating [ 6/10 ]
Campsites are very narrow. I was unable to open one of my basement doors due to the water main being in the way. The sewer drain is not easily accessible w/o a very long hose. My first night staying there was noisy. The people down the lane were being very loud at 10:30 pm. I called the 'front desk' and asked about it. She informed me they have been here almost a year and never had any complaints before.The owners are very friendly. Grounds are well maintained. There is a lot of noise from the highway and train tracks. Overall, I have been stuck in worse camp grounds. If you have to stay in Pratt, its a 6 outta 10.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very impressed with this park! WiFi works great, Cable works. Level pads. The only problem is lack of shade trees, but not the fault of the campground, there is a horrible drought in SW Kansas. Of the 2 campgrounds in Dodge City, this one is by far the superior choice!!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Amazing campground in a wonderful, small community. Lots of large shade trees. Nice shower house. The local police officer comes by to collect your payment. If he doesn't get it from you, it's on the honor system! How awesome is that! Too bad the drought has lowered the lake so much. The geese are very tame and will take bread from your hand!! If you are in the area I highly recommend it!!
rating [ 2/10 ]
Very disappointed in this camp ground. It is in a very bad neighborhood. The whole camp ground just looks trashy. When I had a problem with the internet, the staff basically threw up their hands and said not our problem, maybe we will get it fixed tomorrow. Be careful how long you say you are going to stay. If you are not happy with things, there are no refunds! A lot of the occupants here are 'living' here. If you are looking for a friendly campground, I suggest you move on.
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