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rating [ 5/10 ]
We chose this park due to its proximity to our son's home while visiting for 5 days over the Christmas holidays. It wasn't bad, but there really is not much to do if you aren't there visiting friends or family. The sites are arranged in a circle (5 per ring) and are large, some shady. The biggest problem we had was that the utilities hook ups are spread very far apart from each other. It was a stretch to reach the sewer when the water is hooked up as it was quite distant from the power/water pole. Very awkward set up. The park itself is clean and nice although except for the dog park and the shooting range, nothing else was open. Security is virtually non existent as anyone can come and go as they please through the campground at all hours of the day and night (and camp out) except on the weekends when there are security personnel at the gates. Found this to be odd for the area. There really is no camp store. The registration office only carries ice and firewood and nothing else, so you need adequate transportation to get to groceries and restaurants. Not an unpleasant stay, but we will not be staying there again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We chose this one night stop over on our way down to south Florida. It is definitely unique although overpriced for the accommodations available. Lots are situated end to end in a row although they try to line you up so that you have access to leave in the morning for an overnight stay. The critters in the caged enclosures were interesting, and there is a lot of room to walk the grounds if so inclined. The parrots are very noisy but sleep at night, and we are early risers so it wasn't a problem. The access from I-75 was okay and roadwork was going on to improve the road at the time we were there. Hopefully this will make the bumpy drive in a lot better for future travelers. On the whole, not a bad RV stop over but will check others for future visits.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We enjoyed this easy access (I-75) campground stay on our return trip from south Florida. The RV lots are all shaded with Spanish Moss and large trees and are pull-through and quite large and accommodating. We were impressed with the cordial staff and the ease in hooking up to the utilities and thoroughly enjoyed our one night stay. Nearby is adequate shopping, restaurants and an adjoining busy flea market on the weekends. Although alongside a busy interstate, the site was quiet at night. The gift shop had interesting and well priced gifts to purchase along with some basic camping necessities if needed. We will definitely stay here again when making the long trip to south Florida.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a generous rating and although we were not impressed, it may appeal to other campers who are looking for this type of campground. The site was large and got excellent satellite reception and the owners are very friendly and helpful. But, the roads are so dusty that everything is covered with a layer of dirt which will be a layer of mud had it rained. There are NO RULES at this campground. People pretty much do as they please and dogs roam free everywhere. It is loud and caters to the tent campers who have the best sites and camp in large family groups. The road leading to the campground has MAJOR potholes so beware and luckily it was dry but during rain this could be very hazardous. The river is beautiful, however there really is no access other than traipsing through someone's tent site and slipping down a precarious path. The beach area is all tent campsites so not truly accessible for getting full use of the river. It is what it is, a rustic, river campground with few amenities, 1 bathhouse with 2 stalls in the men room for throngs of tent campers, so it is as clean as you would expect under the circumstances. We were expecting more and would have given a higher rating had the one drawing point, the river, been actually accessible and viewable from the campsites. We will not be back and actually left 1 day early from our holiday weekend.
rating [ 10/10 ]
What a wonderful camping experience! We definitely did not want to leave and plan to return soon. Campsite selection though is key as some on the road are too cramped but others in the interior are great. The location is perfect for biking, going to the beach (a quick bike ride) and the pool is kept clean and is large and refreshing. I can only say that this is a perfect spot for a beach vacation. Can't wait to stay for a week next time. Cable TV was excellent and our Wi-Fi worked perfectly. There is no downside to staying here other than the cramped sites along the road.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Camped here as a shake out of our newly purchased motorhome. Was pleasantly surprised by the large sites, well kept grounds, and pleasant staff. All sites are on the lake and paved and level. There is a beach and hiking trails as well as boat access and fishing piers. Would have given a higher rating but as with the COE campgrounds around Lake Lanier, no sewer or cable hookup. It is a beautiful place to camp for the weekend with lots of shade trees and easy site access.
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