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rating [ 4/10 ]
Park basically has well-maintained grounds and is conveniently located to Port Angeles, but that is about it. Upon arrival, we were given a site that was too small (with a prior reservation) and then we were asked to park our truck somewhere else to make room for other people. There were also a bunch of cigarette butts in our fire pit. In addition, the cable lines had simply been cut. The WiFi was spotty and extremely slow at best (they have a satellite system with an insufficient number of access points). But, the absolute worst was that the manager/owner left me a nasty message on my cell phone our last day there complaining that “your computer system is interfering with our Internet access and would you shut down your system and give someone else a chance." First of all, what she was saying was ludicrous. She thought that because she could see our network (internal network only between two computers within our RV) on her laptop that meant we were somehow taking away from her bandwidth or somehow interfering. She obviously didn’t know how to configure her laptop properly or it is possible that the satellite provider had bottlenecked them for excessive downloads. There were a lot of people on the satellite system, and they obviously do not have the proper setup for that. I would not have minded it so much if the message had been polite and she was just inquiring, but without any knowledge of what she was talking about she just automatically blamed us. It was crazy. I tried to explain to her that another system cannot “interfere” with her system at all. Plus, our system cannot even send and receive except between our two computers. It is only used to access files on each computer from the other and that is it. But, because she has no idea what she is talking about she couldn’t even understand that. I pointed out to her that her system had worked that morning and that was with our system still in place. Anyone who has used an laptop in different areas will know that there can be numerous networks in any given area and you have to choose the network you want to use. They have nothing to do with each other. The people at this RV park are incredibly rude. If anything, we should have gotten a refund for the fact that their system didn’t work properly almost the whole time. Stay away from this park! There are other nice parks including a county park in the area.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here 7 days in November. The campground is very nice and heavily wooded. Your dish will probably not work here, but the office has wireless internet throughout the CG. However, browsing was slow due to the heavy use at peak times. Early in the morning and after 10 pm browsing was good. The CG was completely booked when we were there and we only got to stay because someone else had cancelled. The staff was friendly and accommodating. We rented bikes from the CG for several hours to explore the island with the bike. It was great and there are many things to see. The nature preserve with its trails is very nice and you can see a lot of wildlife. The weather was warm when we camped here and the no-seeums and mosquitos were at a moderate level at night. The CG was very quiet at night and there wasn't much traffic even though it was full. We were assigned a pull thru site in the front and had no problems setting up. We would stay again for sure.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here two weeks in December and loved the park. The CG has an access path to the beach and to a nice nature area with several trails. These trails were really nice to take the dog for a walk. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Some sites are better than others. One of our neighbors had to move because he was sinking in. We did not have that problem. Some sites are more shaded and dish set-up may be an issue. At night the noise from the nearby coast guard and ferry can be an issue. The northern wind, which can be quite gusty at times, carries the noise into the CG. The beach is very nice, but the remnants of Katrina are still visible, especially on the western side of the island. There is also a nice Estuarium in walking distance that is worth a visit. Mobile is somewhat far away, but daytrips are possible. We would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for 5 nights. We chose to stay here because of the convenient location to the French Quarter. The French Quarter is approximately half a mile walking distance. Other attractions like the WWII museum and the Aquarium of the Americas are also within walking distance. The park is clean and the amenities are great. There is a fitness room, a lounge area with big screen TV, a pool, and a hot tub. The hot tub needs to have controls at the tub itself. Even though there are always folks around, it is sometimes hard to locate them in order for them to cut the hot tub on, or regulate the temperature, especially at night. The restrooms and showers are also very nice and clean, but the shower area is lacking a tray for your soap and shampoo. The price is somewhat high, but they have a lot to offer. We also got Good Sam discount for all the nights. Wi-Fi was good and they had a few cable channels. Obviously, though, you don't come here to watch TV. Access to the park and the sites is very big-rig friendly. Security and safety is a high priority for the owner, so armed guards are always present and very friendly. As some others already mentioned, they provide you with cab vouchers for a cab ride home at night. You get one voucher per day. One night the owner himself gave us a ride into town. The park is a bit noisy due to the noise from the interstate, but we found that at night it wasn't a big issue. The owner and the staff are all very friendly and go out of their way to accommodate you. We would definitely stay here again.
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