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rating [ 6/10 ]
Reasonable RV park if you're looking for hookups near the Grand Canyon north rim. The sites are well spaced, but not as generous as one would find in forest service or national parks. You get 30 amp power, water, and sewer. Verizon cell has 1 bar, great with external antenna (I have one). The water has to be trucked in, which results in lots of chlorine and low pressure at times. We were awakened at 8 AM one day by the septic pumping truck pulling up next to us and proceeding to pump out the septic for 45 minutes and leaving quite a stench. No fun for breakfast. In summary: we wanted electric for heating in October and we spent all our time away from the trailer, so this worked out well. If you're looking for a place to "hang out" I'm not so sure it's a good destination.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a forest service campground with few facilities. About half the sites have a great view of the Owens valley in direction of Lone Pine, half are closer to the creek and have shade. The Gray's Meadow (lower) campground is tiny but can accommodate trailers and has a few sites with shade and view. Verizon cell reception in both campgrounds is possible. I got 3G but no bars with just my phone making things very slow, with external antenna it's quite OK.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed overnight during December. A number of locals were fishing in the lake in the afternoon. There was only one other party in the campground proper with us. We had a lake view with electric hookup but no water hookup. Other sites have both hookups but no view. We liked the place for a short stay, nothing to rave about, but quiet, clean, fenced off. I believe the electric box had a 50A receptacle (I only need 30A), but the fuses may have been 30A. If you need 50A just call to get the low-down. Overall, I would recommend the place for a stop-over.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed one night in October (wanted to stay for two but had to leave due to a family emergency, sadly). The campground is nice, probably "very nice" for southern California beach campgrounds. Others have described it better than I can. If yo;u get a site on the ocean side of the road, you're right by the fence beyond which the bluff drops down to the beach. Really quite amazing. However, you're in San Diego county, which seems to mean that you're never more than 10 minutes away from the next helicopter fly-by. Day and night, or so it seemed. Also, we were in the southern section of the park and the street (US1?) is really very close, so that brings noise as well. We concluded that we either have to seriously reset our expectations for that part of CA or go elsewhere. If you're in the area and are looking for a place, I would recommend this one. Sadly, CA state parks have become expensive, we paid $50 for the night. Cell reception was outstanding, I had a strong Verizon 4G signal.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Awesome campground in amazing state park. OK, it's the southwestern desert wilderness, so don't expect lawns, pools, etc. It's a state park. We camped in late December for 4 nights, the Atlatl campground was half to 3/4 full. We had one of the spots in the "first row" with an amazing sunrise and sunset view (at that time of year they're not that far apart). We've been touring the western deserts for years and somehow managed to overlook this gem of a park. Highly recommended in the right season. Don't try this in summer! The tent sites looked wonderful too. They're in the back tucked in between breath-taking sandstone formations. Not a bad tradeoff (no view). The atlas (?) campground was closed, it's really just around the corner. It has fewer views, no hookups, and the main portion is perhaps a tad denser. There are a few spots at the periphery that have incredible privacy, though. The gift shop was open (now run by the state) and we enjoyed sunrise and sunset hikes. There are no real shops or gas within miles (18, I believe), so come prepared. Overall, highly recommended!
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