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rating [ 2/10 ]
Park seemed nice enough, but our tow'd vehicle, which was parked one foot from the front of our motorhome, was broken into the first night and everything stolen, stereo, amps, speakers, CD's, etc. Needless to say, after calling the local sheriff department, we got the heck out of there! NO SECURITY ANYWHERE! Don take a chance!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice state park AWAY from it ALL! Well manicured landscaping. We had spot 38 for our 42 ft rig. The pull-throughs all seem to be on a curve, making parking a little challenging to park at first. Beautiful views of the Columbia River from most sites. There is also a public park with beach as part of this park. Though I'm not a boater, the boat launch appears to be very roomy! One word of caution here...IT GETS VERY WINDY! Tent campers my find it challenging!
rating [ 9/10 ]
I would give this park a 10 if it had a pool! Other than that this is a very nice quite place to stay! My only other gripe would be that they lock up the restrooms from 10pm to 7am. why? We played tennis with their supplied equipment, very nice and no charge. Huge sites! The site next to us was occupied, but was still about 40 feet away! This park was sold to a developer to build houses, but with the market being shaky, they have no plans to continue in the near future. We will stay here again as long as it's still in business!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Once again, the nicest park in the area for exploring Napa Valley! Would give a 10 if only they took reservations.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice park located in the center of town. Friendly staff and very clean grounds. The sites are a tad bit close together but still adequate room. We had an enjoyable stay!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We had reservations at Skyline Park for a weeks stay. After one night there, we were able to move to Napa Valley Expo, very nice! Nicer than Napa Fairgrounds in Calistoga and a lot nicer than Skyline Wilderness park. The concrete pull-throughs were almost 80ft long! They have all new utilities and the showers and baths were cleaned daily. It is in the middle of town but almost no noise! The main entrance does close at night but an alternative entrance is open around the clock. Friendly staff and a very nice park-like setting. Very dog friendly with lots of streets inside the expo center to walk with virtually no traffic to worry about. The down side is they don't take reservations. Although, after staying there for six days, turnover of sites is pretty regular.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed here last year and had a great time. The staff was helpful, and the park was clean. This year was a different story! My wife and her sister went to use the showers in the main building. When they entered, they both noted a sign on the floor stating "Wet floor". They both walked carefully to a shower and proceeded to use them. As my wife did not notice the showers were pay showers, she walked out to go get some change. Upon leaving the shower, she was confronted by a man (later to find out he is the owner) in the hallway. He barked at her saying, "I guess you can't read the Damn sign!" She said that she did read the sign and that the would watch her step. He then told her that he was cleaning the bathrooms and that they were closed! My wife then asked how were they to know that the bathrooms were closed from a sign that says Wet Floor? He said he placed a mop in the doorway to block people from entering. My wife then asked "What mop?". He pointed to the mop leaning up against the wall(?). When I heard of this, I went to the front desk to file a complaint. When I informed the 2 women at the office of what happened and about the rude and vulgar tone the employee used toward my wife, I was barked at by these 2 women, "The bathrooms were closed!" I asked how my wife was to know the bathroom were closed for cleaning? They both replied, "Because a mop was placed in the doorway, which your wife went around!" I told them that the mop was leaning against the wall and not in any doorway. I then asked them to apologize to my wife for this terrible behavior. They both looked at me and said nothing. I walked out saying that this is the worst customer service I've ever encountered and would never come back! Believe me when I say, I was not rude or out of line with anything I said or did. Please think twice before you think of stopping at this campground.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The campground was nice and clean with mainly long term renters. The sites are gravel, but level. Also, the campground is close to the water and activities.
rating [ 10/10 ]
All new utilities and bathrooms in full hookup area. Very nice state park and close to local attractions!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very impressive RV resort! Friendly staff and very clean facilities! We were upgraded to a Premium Ocean View site because the owners of the site we had rented decided arrive the same time we were to arrive. The property was extremely relaxing! I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone with a Class A or Class C rig over 25', as per Their requirements! The only negative we encountered had nothing to do with the park itself, but with a number of "Not so Friendly" Motor coach owners!
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