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rating [ 10/10 ]
The park is very easy to find (near the huge Cabela's retail store) and close to the freeway. There aren't a lot of sites so be sure and call ahead. Also, it appears the check-in office closes at 6:30pm. (Not positive what late-comers do.) The entire place is spotless and well kept. Wi-Fi is accessible (albeit somewhat slowish) and there is cable TV access from the power ped. Sites are crushed gravel and easy to access. We would DEFINITELY come here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Everyone knows there is a difference between camping and RVing. In a campground you (usually) have lots of trees and basic facilities. An RV park typically offers paved spaces, not a lot to look at but great options like free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and a convenience store on site. Shakopee Valley RV Park does its best to merge these two concepts into one. Trailers are pulled into a heavily wooded area that can be a bit dark on cloudy days. Spaces are graveled and mud can be a problem after rain. Full hookups are available, but Wi-Fi is only available in the main facility. However, there is ample seating and even power outlets. Smoking is (apparently) allowed so you may have to deal with that while you surf the web. When we were here someone was watching a (very adult) movie in the TV room so I had to walk over and close the door so my 13 and 16 year old kids weren't subjected to that. The indoor pool (also in the main building) is of moderate size. The pool area includes a jetted spa. The facilities are passable but certainly not stellar. The bathrooms are aging and you can tell the management is struggling with upkeep. One of the most surprising things about this park is that it was almost completely full. But I believe a good many folks there are staying for the summer and doing some gambling at the nearby casinos. Several RVs have permanent decks and "yards" which gives the impression that you are entering more of a community than an RV Park. We chose this park because of its convenient proximity to ValleyFair. If we were to travel this way again I seriously doubt we would stay here again, although the owners seemed very friendly and accommodating. The darkness of the RV area was a bit too oppressive. When we're RVing we prefer a more open-air feel.
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