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It's always difficult finding a good RV park when you are touring wine country. Although this one states Big Rigs Welcome, this is one one of the tightest parks to get in and out of. We couldn't even turn in the entrance and had to stop, unhitching our car and blocking everybody. Even though they have the name "Sonoma" in their title, Sonoma is at least 1/2 hour or 45 minute drive from this small RV park, located in town, surrounded by apartment and condo buildings. Healdsburg and the wineries to the North, just as far. I should mention that the manager of the place is the nicest guy and does everything he can do to make it work, and get the rigs in, but he is working with what the owners have given him. Just a big rig will fit in a space, doesn't make it big rig friendly. If you could drop a big rig into the space with a helicopter, things might work better. Many rigs were not even capable of making the turns once inside the park, and had to leave going back through their empty space. Parking for your vehicle is tough also, unless you get one of the dual spaces that are extra wide. I did like the dual location of dump drains, one near the back of the coach and one mid-station, to accommodate different hookups. The recreation center seemed very old and dingy. There was a long-term area for the park, blocked off by a entry gate. We would not stay there again because of the severe space limitations and congestion. Because of the economy, and gas prices, I don't think anybody will ever build a really nifty RV park centrally located and easy to get to in the wine country. We've tried the Napa Country Fairgrounds RV park several times near Calistoga, and that's ok, but when we were there, the help leaves around 6 and farm workers would come in, use the showers, then eat dinner and sleep in their cars, one of them parked right behind our RV. I wonder whether that still goes on? Thank you.
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