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rating [ 10/10 ]
We camp here routinely with our two boys! Where else can you camp for $24/night as an in stater? We try to stay next to the playground, pavilion and bath house. We walk less then 200 feet down a path to the vinyl dock to fish. It is very laid back, very serene and not a lot of extras. The bathrooms are older but always clean! We have never once, in over a dozen trips had any problems with staff being rude on our sites.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Let me start by saying after reading these reviews I was scared! We booked this trip 3 months ago. I choose Greys Point over BethPage due to the splash pool. Our children are 3 & 1 and splash pool is more fun then big pool for them. They are still working on water slide but that is fine. It is wonderful! We have a paved area 12x70 then a grass area in front 30x70. We had a choice of 2 different electric and water hookups. The place is soooo very clean. There are a ton of Golf carts but that seems to be everywhere that allows them. We try not to drive in campgrounds unless we have to because of kids on bikes. That doesn't seem bothersome either. Last night the teeny boppers were out everywhere. We wondered if they went to bed but then 11 o'clock came and it was like the lights went off. No teeny boppers, no bikes, no golf carts. If the rest of our 10 day stay is this nice we will return many times in the future. The staff seems real friendly too. Also the sites by the water are permanent however with two small boys I wanted nothing near the water!
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camped 3 nights on C8 and C10. Originally we rented C13 and C15 for my brothers family and ours when we arrive the path to the bath house with a fence divided our sites. The staff were more then willing to allow us to switch to a more accommodating site. We like to set up face to face so our kids can all play we cook all our meals together and sit by one fire at night. The bath house was a little croweded but can't expect much less prime summer season. We loved it and the state parks are so affordable! We will definitely go again maybe fall.
rating [ 2/10 ]
OK. Please read this review it is long but you will need to read it all to know how rude the staff is! We camped at Cherrystone July 2006. This was my 6th trip my husband and sons 1st trip. We arrived at the welcome center and they gave us a map highlighting the path to our site and circling out site. They also gave us a car pass which I immediately hung up and some other fliers about activities. We followed the map to our site pitched our tent set up our screen tent and got settled in one of the hottest July weeks. When we were all through I went to move our car and noticed that the tag had a different site # on it. We immediately went to the office. They were very upset and told us we should have never followed the map that the guard shack gave us. Basically the treated me as if I were stupid for not noticing. They told us we had to move. After a great deal of pleading they said we could stay for the night but would have to move by morning. The next morning we got up before it got too hot and moved everything. When we got to our new site we were next to some 16 year olds who were there 4 in a tent boys and girls with very foul language the next week consisted of me asking them to please watch their language once an hour. My son was 1 1/2. We decided we would give it one more try in October of 2006. In May I went online to make reservations. I specifically requested to not be on the water and was making reservations for us and my aunt and her family so we could be close. We received an email a few days later saying we needed to call with a credit card. When I called they had us completely across the park from one another. We were on the water. I had a 2 1/2 year old and a new born and could not be on the water due to my fear that something would happen. When I asked to be put closer and off the water they said there was a $10 charge for moving us. I got very upset and tried to explain that we were on the phone and my original request was not granted that I didn't think it were fair to pay $10. The manager got on the phone she told me that is how it was I asked isn't this a family campground I have a small child and asked not to be on the water. She told me "You can call back when you have a better attitude". I was not going to call back but after a month of persistence from my husband and aunt I did and was told I had to hold on for a manager there was a red flag by my name. When she came to the phone she said "We have you on our list not to rent to". I said "I was told to call back when I had a better attitude and I am being very polite". She then said "Ohhh youuuu have a better attitude todayyy dooo youuu?". I said there is no need to be condescending I am being very polite. She then said they were not renting to me. That was that I didn't want to go there any way. They never apologized when they put us on the wrong site they made it our fault and they could not fulfill the reservation requests made and they wanted to charge me for that.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We just stayed 4 nights! Bathroom was a little far from F loop. Otherwise no complaints. Clean, friendly, quiet, and plenty of summer activities. Waterpark is well worth my wild.
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