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rating [ 4/10 ]
The Wi-Fi was pretty good at the spot we checked in. The cable TV was OK. The park is pretty cramped and filled with full timers from a pipe line. Water pressure in the morning was really low. About 15 lbs per my pressure regulator meter. Come to find out the owners were having the grass watered during the time most people would be showering in the morning. Didn't have enough pressure to shower. Hardly enough to even flush the toilet. Big price for poor basic service.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Water pressure in this park is almost nonexistent. On top of that they water the grass during the morning when normal folks would like to take a shower, further depleting the water pressure. There is hardly enough pressure to flush to the toilet. The free WIFI is a 2 hour coupon per day on Tengointernet. The internet service is incredibly slow, and two hours from the first time you sign in you are kicked off for the day unless you PURCHASE more time. Regardless of whether you purchase more time, you are limited to 160mb per 48 hour time span. After 60% of that 160 is used your speed is decreased to dial-up speeds. Buy the way, it isn't the park's fault, however there is NO cell service from any carrier within 8.5 miles of this place. This is a great place to go if you like to be dirty and don't want any contact with the outside world.
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