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rating [ 1/10 ]
Site fee covers two adults. Children/teens are extra and this boosted our site fee up to $80 per night for three nights. Check-in - The office/store appeared dirty. Not just dirt from the ground, but old and run down. The staff was just plain old nasty. A little further into our stay and we realized the employees all seem to be seasonal people or maybe they just lived there all year. Either way, not nice at all. Site - Was narrow and not deep at all. Had a constant smell of sewer. Asked to be moved and was accommodated, but new site smelled the same. The smell of sewage kept us from eating outdoors. Amenities - Bare bones. A hayride for little kids and that's about it. The pool was closed. This campground is not family friendly at all. All in all - The place seems to be a party place. Speeding golf carts all over the place driven round and round all day and night by people with drinks/beers in their hands. They stop to talk after a few hours, but by then they are so drunk you have no idea what they are saying. Just walk away from them. The river was nice but the "beach" area was completely littered with trash. We canoed and had a great time on the river. The bathrooms were deplorable. Not just old and run down but absolutely filthy. Thankfully we didn't have to use them. This place is so over rated it's not funny. Even if it were just the two of us, we wouldn't return. Just way too sleazy for me.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We didn't have high expectations, as this place gets mixed reviews. I'm guessing they don't write their own. We had a large group (some were from the north Jersey area which is why we selected this park), and all were set up together. The sites were not very level, but they were clean. The kids had an amazing time playing games and they actually kept themselves occupied! The staff was fine and we didn't require their attention except for checking in. Since we were all self contained and it was pretty chilly, we all used our own bathrooms and showers. I didn't even bother to look at theirs. We did have a good stay, but probably won't return especially in season. I'm sure it gets really crowded.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park, which I believe has relatively new owners, is suffering from a trend that owners of campgrounds feel it is perfectly fine to charge a premium, but provide bare minimum. This park is nothing more than a trailer park with a lot of permanent/seasonal sites. The bathrooms are old and dirty. This place sits in front of an airport, Atlantic City International Airport. There is nothing nice about camping on a airport runway. The noise from the planes is almost constant. The area outside of the campground is mainly commercial with shopping. I can't find anything good to write about this place. It appeared as though we annoyed the staff at check in, so when we needed stuff we left and went to a nearby Walmart. $50-$55 a night for this place is way over the top. Drop it down to $30.00 because that's all it's worth.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Park entrance appears nice but quickly stops. Sites are small with bad electric. Play park is small with outdated equipment. Pool was crowded with no supervision. Staff was horrible. Roads are dirt and potholed. Dead trees looming all over the place. You could hear them cracking. Tons of old moldy seasonal sites. Miles from anything. Many miles from the nearest beach. Would never return.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is more of a permanent trailer park than campground. The place is quite scary. Beat up dirty campers where I believe people live year round. The bathrooms were horrific. Bumpy dirt roads throughout. This place was probably once a nice place to camp as I heard so much about it. However, it is currently owned by one of those massive companies that are buying up campgrounds and running them in to the dirt. We left after one night. As I said the place was scary and we did not feel safe there at all. Not for children or families.
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