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rating [ 6/10 ]
The employees were very nice and helpful. There is a shuttle that will take you to the park entrance, but you can walk there in about ten minutes. The scenery around the park when you look up is outstanding - Zion doesn't stop at the park borders! We couldn't make a reservation, but were assured on the phone that there would be space. Some spots were close together, on one side we had about a foot, the other about 20 feet. We asked for a quiet spot, since this is April and the park was not full they were able to accommodate us. Unfortunately this didn't last and we ended up with what sounded like a kindergarten next to us in a tent before long. Don't know if they had WiFi, we hooked up to an open access point named "Netgear" and it worked better than most RV parks. Cable TV worked pretty well with lots of channels. Most of them were crap, but there were a lot. We were close to the river and it was quiet enough at night to hear it roaring. It was extremely cold from the snowmelt. There are many trees at the park and a pretty good chance of receiving a spot under one. (We were in a 17' Casita and can fit most anywhere) The second day we were there about 15 adolescents decided on a game of kickball close to us, kicking a ball into RVs, tow vehicles, and tents alike. A call to the office got an enthusiastic response, but had to make another call ten minutes later to actually get this stopped. The maintenance people run around in a noisy ATV to do their work, maybe an electric ATV or golf cart is in order? The washing machines and dryers are the most expensive I've seen at $2.00 per load. Our site was just dirt, no problem when we were there, but if it rained it would be a muddy mess. The pool was closed when we were there, too cold to use it anyway. A couple of good restaurants are close by. The park's biggest problems are some of its guests, and the management does need to police the park a bit more for these unthoughtful guests.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We came here for a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A shuttle bus service provided by the convention stopped at Circus Circus very near the RV park's office - a very convenient walk. The people working here are very helpful and friendly, but failed to enforce park rules - barking dogs, yelling children, and loud motorcycles caused us to close the windows and blinds and crank up the air conditioner in order to sleep. Also other campers abused the (overpriced) laundry and would take over the laundry for themselves rather than just using one or two washers and dryers so that others could get in. The management didn't seem to police any of this. The Wi-Fi worked off and on and was provided by some company that limited you to 360 Mbytes - ok for most web surfing, but very restrictive if you were trying to hit a Slingbox back home for TV (No cable TV and hardly any local TV reception) or do any kind of heavy Virtual Private Network use. We never hit this limit because it quit working so often. The staff knew about the problem, but couldn't seem to get the company to come out and fix it because it was "free". ???!!! The sites are level, but the entire park is on an old parking lot so ground auger awning tie downs aren't possible. There are small grassy spots in various places with some short trees that may give some respite from the scorching sun. The place has breezes often enough so that we wouldn't have even used the air conditioner if it hadn't been so noisy. Our sewer connection was about six inches off the ground which was a problem for our small, low to the ground trailer. This park is located adjacent to Circus Circus at the North end of the strip. Circus Circus has been pretty much a dump for years, but the Sahara and its monorail station( $5 per trip one way! ) are only about a block away. Even though the Oasis is much further from the Convention Center we would probably stay there before we'd stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Great hiking around park! No stores nearby. This park gets bad floods regularly so currently has no bathrooms, showers, sewer, or electricity. Water was available. Only a couple of sites were usable as winds had caused trees to fall on others. Definitely call ahead to see what is available! Verizon EVDO Internet service worked well for an air card in this area.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Close to Super Wal-Mart. Sites very close together. The guy in the trailer next door came outside to smoke, and we received the smoke in our trailer! Sewer connection was a bit high. Sites were level gravel. Wi-Fi sort of worked. Management was friendly enough.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Office was closed when we arrived and when we left. There was a phone outside that automatically rang the manager who was nice to talk with. The park is run down, but is being refurbished. The new hookups were in good shape, but the ground was still rough and would be a mud pit if it rained. Sites are very close together with no shade. I didn't see any evidence of functioning bathrooms or showers. This is a very small town, but restaurants are within about a mile. No Wal-Mart or even a grocery store and gas is exceedingly expensive. WiFi worked well. When I got online the night after we left I saw a $60 charge on my card instead of $20, but have no way to contact them. I disputed this with my credit card company. This may be benign, but with Frisco Lodging not having any way for me to contact them even after extensive searching on the web I have to assume the worst...
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very friendly and responsive staff. Clean gravel sites that are fairly level. Super Wal-Mart and Denny's within a couple of miles. Entrance to Mesa Verde National Park is about 9 miles away. There are trees at most sites and while close to shopping there is a good view towards Mesa Verde and the RV park is far enough from the road to be quiet, but not too far to be an easy drive. WiFi seems to be get overloaded often and will sometimes just stop responding for a time.
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