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rating [ 7/10 ]
We were happy to find a place fairly late at night, that was still open. We called ahead, and was assured that we could get to a pull-thru. After we checked in, and got our directions, we headed to our site. The first thing that we encountered was those awaful Live Oak trees, that if not trimmed, and these were not, will tear your roof and paint to shreds. We went all of the way to the end of the park for our pull-thru. The going was slow, due to all of the low hanging, untrimmed branches. When we finally pulled in (we have a 42', and toad)and got hooked up, we just crashed after driving all day. When we went to leave in the morning, it was a fiasco. They put the lot marker posts out at the end of the site, making it nearly impossible to make the corner to leave. Some helpful neighbors helped my wife hold back all of the untrimmed bushes, so I could make the cut to get out. Then, of course, we had the long, slow drive out, because of the untrimmed tree branches. We were very unhappy, and stopped at the office to tell them, but no one is there until 10 AM. We did call the manager to complain as we were driving down the road, but who knows what will ever become of it. Just a warning to all that care about their coaches.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is another park we stay at often, as my brother lives only 10 minutes away. It's older, and has many permanent residents, but everyone is quite friendly. It is close to route 400, that goes into Atlanta, so the traffic is sometimes hectic in the afternoon, but if you plan your trips, this should not be a problem. We enjoy our stays there, and recommend this park to anyone.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stay here often, in the winter, as my wifes father lives near by. It is older, but well laid out. Our only concern, now that we have a 42' diesel pusher, is that the extra weight, may prove a problem, as it's sometimes very wet there, and there is a good possibility that we will get stuck with our bigger rig. The office folks are friendly, and there are many extras to do. Would recommend this park to anyone, especially at this price.
rating [ 8/10 ]
After a bad experience at a camp ground close by, we chose this one. What a surprise! It is located on a river, and has many activities for kids and grown ups alike. It is always full in the summer, so we were very lucky to get a spot on such short notice. We recommend this campground to anyone with children. It has much to offer.
rating [ 1/10 ]
"I've never posted a 1 review of any campground before, in our opinion it should be Zero" We agree with this person. Never have we seen a campground in such deplorable condition. After driving in, and seeing the condition the first few sites were in, we explored further, and after going to the pool, and the toilet areas, we bypassed the office, and headed down the road. Awful, awful, awful.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Since we only live 10.6 miles away, we use this as a place to check out a new coach purchase. We came in June w/ our newest one, to make sure everything worked, as it should. If not, we make a list, and go back to the dealer for the fixes. However, we like this place so much, we find ourselves coming here "when we need a break" (as we are doing now)! The hosts are so friendly, and ECO friendly. They are into recycling, and forest management. We have a 42' DP, and we can pull it right into the site, and leave the toad attached, if we wanted too. Each site has a fire pit, and pinic table. After each camper leaves, the help comes in and uses a York rake on the site, to level it out. Can't say enough good about Mi-Te-Jo ! Oh, our site has a 50 amp hook-up, also.
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