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rating [ 2/10 ]
Worst park in Mesa. We had friends that have a trailer in this park and thought it was great. It is not!! They don't have as many activities as other parks, but they do have a bad attitude. The management treats you like second class citizens and so do the owners. You are an outsider and they make sure you know it. Some of the trailers are run down and nasty looking. The security is better at Wal-Mart and much nicer. The head security guy has a Napoleon complex and treats most renters very poorly. The roads are too narrow and the restrooms were nasty. We rented from an older women that was the realty manager: she was terribly rude. What an awful place. I was told the previous review was written by this park's management to get a good review. If you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We were told about this park by some people we met on the road. We read the last 2 reviews and thought we would give it a try. We were very disappointed. I have to believe the people that wrote these reviews were friends of the park because most accounts are incorrect. First the streets around sites are very narrow. Next, there is almost no lighting in the lower section (we did not stay there but walked down there). The park seems to cater to fisherman, so there are boats. I did see kids running around and through sites. This is NOT a resort by any definition. If you think it classifies as one you need to get out more often. The owners are super friendly. the term "port" is widely used to describe what is at this park. Restaurants are a distance away but the food it good once you get there. The park is quiet. There are many people that drive through that don't stay here: that gave me great concern. There is no security of any sort so I can believe that anything could happen at night. We will not come back.
rating [ 3/10 ]
I write few reviews but feel it is needed in this case. The park itself is OK. The sites are good size and have concrete slabs. Lots of trees that have acorns and your rig gets covered in leaves everyday. Facilities are adequate but nothing that I would consider a resort. One building didn't even have heat. Workout equipment was in need of repair. Very few activities even though they say they have activity directors (misnamed as they are just a couple that asks if someone wants to do something). Owners were very rude and if you questioned anything you were put down and made unwelcome. Managers seemed nice. Water had good pressure but was, at times, brown. Seem to be pet friendly but everyone knew about the jerk that was mentioned in another review, but no one did anything about it. We were told not to walk down his street. Easy on and off the highway but that also caused terrible traffic noise. Some kind of bugs bit you everytime you went outside. Good interior roads. We stayed a month and will not come back. We would not recommend or buy in this park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The Good: Level sites, good water pressure, good power, friendly manager, clean bathrooms, clean laundry, minimal Wi-Fi. The Bad: This is a trailer park were over half are workers that don't pickup around their RVs. Dogs are allowed to be put out on ropes and left out all day and bark all day! Be prepared to wake up at 5 am as all the rednecks start their trucks. Dog crap everywhere. This is also a biker park! Trucks parked in the grass, vehicles parked behind RVs in the woods. Trailer trash is alive and well here. Roads are dirt or something like that. I disagree with the previous review on rules. I believe someone told them they had to have rules but they are not enforced. It's pitch black at night and with the trailer trash, you don't get a comfortable feeling. Recommendation: overnight only. We stayed here 4 days and hated every minute of it: there are no refunds.
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