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rating [ 3/10 ]
We wanted to like this campground, but unfortunately left feeling we were never really welcome. We made reservations over the phone - they required we send a check for a deposit, which was unusual, but not a real problem. However what they didn't tell us until we got there, though, as we were standing in their makeshift lobby in their house (we weren't invited to sit down) that they take cash only for the length of our stay in advance. Fortunately we travel with that - I would have hated to turn the rig around and try to figure out where an ATM machine was in town, park, etc. They do have beautiful grass spots out by the stream, but you can only stay there if you don't have a dog. Dog owners are regulated to the little parking lot with a lovely view of the owner's home. There were some pretty flowers on the bank and in some planters, but we both felt, reviewing it, that it was all for the owners benefit rather than the campers. The owner was very impatient helping us back in our space and even more grouchy when our electric cord wasn't long enough (hookups in the back, not the side) and we had to back our rig over the grass so it would reach. Fortunately except for that we never had to talk to them again. There are no restrooms or facilities. They say there is no Wi-Fi but I was able to access a signal on my laptop and used it briefly during our stay. The pet walk is a joke! It is a steep gravel-ridden path up the ridge. The area before it which is grassy is laden with signs warning you not to let your pet relieve itself there. If you have any sort of physical problem you will not be able to manage it safely. Being in good health I managed it but would not have done it if it was at all muddy or icy. Not unless I wanted a broken neck. At night none of the dogs (we talked to the other campers) would go near it. Ours practically sat down and refused to budge. We suspect there were some bigger, meaner critters up there then! It is pretty and well-maintained. The price is not bad. It is just we felt that the owners were sort of grouchy sorts that were happy to take our money, but really wished we were invisible and didn't take up any of their time or effort. We won't be staying there again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We love Chatfield. We hate that in addition to the rates we also have to buy entrance permits for both the car and the motorhome, but if you stay a few times a year it pays for itself. On weekends, as is usual with city and state parks it fills up with campers and gets a little more noisy - but the spots are so far apart you still feel isolated. We stayed on an outer loop so looked out on a vast ridge that overlooked the late and the mountains to the west. We loved being able to have a fire in the firepit (not usually available in urban campgrounds and RV parks) and feel more in touch with nature. There were herds of deer and just vast space to walk your dog or hike and explore. The lake even has some beach area to walk. WIFI did exist - but we were never able to access it. We understood it was new and they were still trying to get it to work. We hope it is up and working this year when we go to visit again. The showers are coin operated - there are laundry and shower facilities in each circle, but I recommend if you have the time and inclination to use the modern one built in the last circle. Nice facilities and very up to date. The drawbacks are that you have to pay for your reservations in full and in advance, and anytime after April you are unlikely to arrange a stay over a weekend for the rest of the summer. You can only stay two weeks - and have to leave for 45 days before you can come back. All the state parks at least in the Denver area have this rule. Also just to get in the park and to the RV area is a good five minute drive. You can get wood at the ranger station, although it's slightly cheaper at the King Soopers down Wadsworth towards Littleton. Each circle has a resident camp host - we never met ours, but then never had the need. They seemed to be the perfect blend of available, but not nosy. We paid $18 for an electric only site. The full hookups were about $22 a night. We definitely recommend this park and have no complaints whatsoever.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed two weeks and really enjoyed this park. There are only a few (four I believe) full hook up spots - ask if you want one. They charge a little more but worth it if available. We have a bigger rig and trying to manage the winding steep roads around to the dump station were a little harrowing. They also offer blue boys for use. It's beautiful and shady but it is isolated. You can't walk anywhere and we didn't even find any trails within walking distance. Just dirt roads winding up the mountain. Bears were spotted while we were there. During the week it is quiet, but like most city or state type parks gets very noisy on the weekends. One weekend they had a religious army of some sort or the other preaching late with a megaphone (until 9 when it is quiet time). Across the road is a nice inclined meadow with a walking path mowed in a circle - it was a good place to walk the dog. The showers are very clean - but they are coin operated. I found .50 usually was enough for an enjoyable hot shower. There are no laundry facilities. There is no WI-FI and my Verizon broadband phone and internet access was very spotty and weak. The on site managers were all nice and helpful. And a nice bonus for birdwatchers are all the hummingbirds that are attracted to the feeders they keep outside the little office. I didn't see any pull-thru spots, but they might have had a few. Overall this was a nice quiet area to stay and we enjoyed it. We'll stay there again when traveling through although probably not as long simply due to lack of things to do without a car. Just make sure to bring lots of books and catch up on your reading!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Since we stayed at Loveland RV Resort last summer we understand it was bought by the same management company that owns Dakota Ridge and several other parks in the Front Range area. We thought Dakota Ridge was excellently managed so we would like to believe that any shortcomings of this park have been repaired. We "loved" this park, but some might find it a little on the old side. It was probably originally a KOA and the restrooms and facilities are all well-worn. But it had some nice character - fully shaded, beautiful rose bushes and peonies and the sound of children playing miniature golf, or in the pool and old-fashioned events like pancake breakfasts made this a charming stay for us. Some of the tenants have obviously moved in and settled in for good and there are a few "down and outs", but for the most part everyone was pleasant. The sites are inconsistent - there are beautiful ones with lawns and others next to the dump station without trees and broken pads. Note the cottonwood trees provide wonderful shade but they make a mess on your motorhome and in a wind storm can bring down big branches. The dog area didn't supply doggies bags, which I think is a necessity to help lazy pet owners to pick up after themselves, but I more often walked out the back entrance to the open space trail that runs along behind the town homes immediately across the road. It is quiet and a nice walk with pleasant views of fields, ponds and mountains. They have a propane station, two laundry facilities and they are supposed to have WI-FI but we never were able to get a signal. At the time we were there the store really had nothing in it to buy. Just empty shelves and the one-time promise of hand-dipped ice cream. They also have a video game area but we never used that so can't comment on it. Next store is a huge outlet mall area. When I didn't have the car it was nice to be able to walk to Target, Paneras Bread or Cracker Barrel, but of course it doesn't do much for the aesthetics. That and the horrible roadwork going on in front of the park was always inconvenient. That said, downtown Loveland was charming and we recommend watching for the free movies they show once a month down at the historic theater. The price is also excellent - both winter and summer rates are some of the most reasonable in the area, so worth checking into. The access from the interstate is also quite good. We plan on staying there again when in the area.
rating [ 2/10 ]
I would have given this campground higher marks except when we went to confirm our reservation for this summer, the management in essence told us that they wouldn't honor it because we stayed locally at another campground over the winter rather than with them. The good things about Prospect Park include their private shower/bathrooms - always hot and nice to have a door and private facilities. They also have the cheapest washing and drying machines in the area at .75 cents each. The management also keeps several bookshelves as a lending library for guests. Each spot has a tree, most are pull-thrus and there is a dump station. Outside propane tanks are allowed. I also liked that they are located by a beautiful greenbelt with parks and walking trails. If you stay here in the summer and see Don working out in the garden behind the park, be sure to say hi - he's a fountain of knowledge about the area and flowers. The entire site is gray gravel, with gray buildings and barbed wire around the whole site - it is rather like a prison. The area is not pleasant - truck stops, x-rated video stores, etc. so you can't walk to anything. The WIFI may have been free but we could never access it all the months we were there - I have a mac and it couldn't connect and the pc never could get a reliable signal. The electric situation is very bad - everyone in the area (electricians, Camping World employees and other campgrounds) all say that the camp was never rigged properly - using pigtails in the boxes for 50 amps rather than wiring them correctly. Be sure to meter if you are in a rig that drains a lot of power. All summer they had rolling blackouts - which meant one of us always had to stay. The tenants were all nice and quiet, though, and we met some very pleasant folks.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for the winter, so the rates above are averaged out based on our monthly rate of $575.00. This rate included a flat electric fee of $25.00, which came in handy as outside propane tanks aren't allowed. Although a commercial propane station is just down the road, we didn't want to have to pull out once a week to refill. Some weeks, because of snow that wouldn't have been feasible anyway. The management is awesome here. They are friendly and accommodating. And we love the location! It's right on a beautiful creek and walking path that either takes you down to the library, recreation center and downtown Golden which is very charming and picturesque, or the other way, through a nice wooded open space park. Within walking distance is everything you could need including a little natural foods grocery store, park, ball field, tennis courts, microbrewery with an outdoor patio, dry cleaners, museums, the Foss Liquor Store (although unfortunately the drugstore closed), post office, restaurants, a new bookstore, coffee shops, banks, and more. The recreation center is state of the art with an indoor pool, running track and climbing wall. They charge $5.00 a visit (with longer term memberships available). The lots are gravel, but most are level, there are two pull thrus, and there are plenty of trees. I thought the way they intersperse a pink gravel around the picnic table areas adds color and keeps it from being drab or looking like a parking lot. There are grassy spots, picnic tables by the creek, flower plantings and things are kept tidy. The shower facilities are a little old - I never had a truly hot shower - but they are cleaned daily and I've been in much worse! If you use the laundry note that two machines are $1.25 and the other two are $1.50. The pricier machines actually do not work as well. It can get noisy here - several tenants had horribly loud motorcycles and liked to rev them up for fifteen minutes and then circle the park. There was also a lot of work in the area with heavy machinery this year (they cleared out the creek to make it more habitable to trout). The park is pet-friendly. There are no dog parks within walking distance but there are stations with doggie bags along the trail and garbage cans for disposing. The park doesn't charge extra for a second vehicle and the last few months the WIFI was free. The only other drawback about this park is they don't take reservations. I understand that the summer is much busier and noisier. All in all we were very happy to have discovered Clear Creek - we'll definitely be back next year.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We are going fulltime and are taking advantage of all of this campground's "rates". We stored for a month for only $50, and since we wanted to test our systems they let us hook up with the electricity metered. This is a great alternative to the usual storage places as it has much better security and amenities. They also provided free use of a 100# propane tank, charging us just for the LP itself. Being newbies they even helped walk us up through our hookups and gave us some valuable advice on blackflow siphons and pressure regulators. This wasn't something they had to do and we really appreciated it. If we want to stay overnight they just charge us the nightly rate and we unhook from metered for that time. There are extra charges for WiFi as it is provided by a third party service - Coach Connect. It's a little wobbly at the edge of the park but works even with video messaging so we are very pleased. And yes, there are additional charges for cable, phone, third person and pets (although they did not charge us for an indoor cat). Fulltime rates are $530 + meter for the month. We're very very pleased with this campground. Although it is urban, I have not found the noise any worse than the apartments we currently live in. At least in this park the guys rake the leaves - and don't use those awful leaf blowers! On the east side is a distribution facility of some sort and during the week there is the noise of trucks coming and going. We are parked on that side and once in awhile it gets loud enough to get my attention but nothing to upset me. On the west side are the two sports/biker bars and I have noticed on some nights you can hear the music loud and clear even on the east side when I'm outside. But there you go - it's urban. Otherwise the big rock hill on the back side which they dramatically light up at night helps to offset some of the location's drawbacks. Rattlesnakes exist in the "wild" - I appreciate the reminder for caution. And in the winter they are not active. There's also open space close by - Apex Trail - at the other end of the Heritage Square (fun weird place to visit even in the off season) just up the road to the west about half a mile. Perhaps because we were going to be living through the winter we were given a very nice concrete pad, easy to pull into (even for newbies) with our 34 foot motorhome. Leveling was no problem and all hookups worked perfectly. Most impressed by the friendly helpful staff and the sheer cleanliness and care that goes into the facilities and park. We cannot gush enough about this. Love the little streetlights, street signs and the dumpster is not a mile away! The park is not that big :-) And they also offer morning trash pickup at curbside. So unsure why that was a problem for another poster. Pool is closed for season but we will take advantage of the little weight room which has interesting water resistance machines, the billiards table and the cozy clubhouse. There's a small play set for children and a couple of little grass putt putt greens for the golfer. Funny to watch people chip about with those little plastic balls. Even a nice little gas fireplace and complimentary tea and coffee in the clubhouse. This park has nicer amenities than our last "luxury" apartment complex! The ladies bathroom/showers even has built in blow dryers and is meticulously maintained. Be sure to get careful directions, though - the location is great once you get there but right at this spot Colfax, Highway 6, 470 and 70 become all mixed up on the maps. Once there, though, you'll find you are within easy distance to Golden and all major shopping needs including Home Depot, Petco, Kohls, Wild Oats, Ultimate Electronics, Target, Office Max and many restaurants and a movie theater. Camping World is also not far away but currently are enduring road construction right in front of their entrance - take a car, not a motorhome if you can. Downtown Golden should not be missed. Very quaint and lovely. There is a shortage of good RV parks in the Denver area and I highly recommend this one if you are new to the area and want to get your bearings in a safe and friendly place.
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