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rating [ 3/10 ]
The sites were pretty much out in the open, with very little privacy, ours was just dirt, although we did see some were grassy. The seasonals were not very welcoming. We also had trouble getting a pizza delivered, with the pizza places telling us that there has been trouble at this campground in the past. The bathrooms were dirty. To be fair, the lake is very nice, but not nice enough to stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The staff here are excellent! We really liked that there is plenty of security and they enforce the quiet hours with out a fuss. Only security is allowed to use golf carts, so you don't get people tearing around the campground and the 5mph limit is observed. Bingo is run by volunteers and there are several types, candy bar, $1 or $10 and is so much fun! The seasonal folks were friendly and even helped me with the different bingo patterns. Many people would stop and chat with me when I was out and about walking my dog. The pool was clean and although there was no life guard, security did come by to check on things. I saw many people who had good luck fishing in the stocked lake! Overall, a very friendly and fun campground.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This campground has the cleanest showers I have seen while camping. They are free and there is plenty of very hot water. They also have excellent security. We stayed there all of Aug. and Sept. and security was helpful and does rounds every hour. The park is very family oriented and they quickly and quietly take care of obnoxious parties and late night noise. Also, only security has golf carts so you don't get people tearing around and they really enforce the 5mph speed limit. They have plenty of activities for kids, teens and adults. A very safe, fun park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Beach is OK. Wooded sites are very uneven and hook-ups are often far away. We were told to bring 100' of hose! We ended up on essentially a parking lot with an obstructed view of the water. Owner is very abrupt and rude.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We called to see if they were open and ready for us, since it was opening weekend and there had been a lot of rain. They said they were, so off we went. We arrived and they had no idea where to put us. They settled on "the hill." We walked the site and said it seemed soft from rain. The man said it would be fine. We sunk to our axles. I went to the office to tell them the site was too soft and we were stuck. They told me, "You better call someone. I hope you have AAA." I tried to call and was informed, "Oh, we don't get a Sprint signal here. I guess you can use our phone, if it's local." Things only got worse from there. Would never go back!
rating [ 3/10 ]
The staff was unfriendly and the seasonals were very off-standish. I tried to attend bingo and was glared at and given the cold shoulder. The restrooms were filthy and there was slimy scum on the shower floors. The owner's wife seemed to have her favorite seasonal group and they could do pretty much anything they wanted. The regulars were often speeding around on golf carts and I had to step off the road several times to avoid being hit. Drinking seems to be the biggest activity there.
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